And say hello to a new, clutter-free inbox.

By Alyssa Brown
March 01, 2018
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Looking for a hot tip for keeping your wedding correspondences organized? Create a wedding-specific email address. It might sound like overkill, but it's a helpful trick for keeping yourself on track, and for separating your wedding planning tasks from your everyday life. Here are six reasons we think you'll be happy to have one.

It will help you stay organized.

Emails with vendors? Check. Signed contracts? Check. Receipts from any wedding-related purchases? Check. Having everything you'll need throughout your wedding planning process sent to one account is the ultimate way to stay organized. Plus, having copies of everything you've spent makes tracking your budget way easier. Best of all, depending on which email server you choose, you might find it easy to share collaborative wedding spreadsheets and documents with your partner or vendors via email drive.

Your main email inbox will remain clutter-free.

In the same way that you keep your personal and work emails separate, your wedding emails should go to their own inbox, too. Plus, you're going to end up signing up for all kinds of wedding-related newsletters, blogs, and magazine subscriptions. It's usually best to keep all of those emails under one roof.

You won't be tempted to plan at work.

In addition to keep your inboxes separate, you should also keep your work, personal, and wedding planning lives separate, too. If you watch every vendor quote and answers to your questions filter into your regular email, you'll be tempted to open them throughout the day, potentially putting other responsibilities on the back burner.

You can both access the emails you need.

It's important that you both have regular (and easy!) access to any important emails or documents. Instead of scrolling through your partner's inbox multiple times a day, you'll be able to find just what you're looking for in your shared wedding inbox.

You can use it to communicate with guests.

Want your guests to RSVP digitally? You definitely don't want 150 emails flooding your everyday inbox. Give it out your wedding email address instead. You could even create an auto-response, asking guests to confirm their meal choice and whether they're bringing a guest to make the process even easier. Guests can continue to use this email to ask you wedding-related questions, including queries about your wedding locale, the registry, requested attire, travel options, and more.

It can be your shared email forever.

If you use an email address with both of your names, you can continue using it after the wedding for all future shared responsibilities and correspondence with friends and family.


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