You worked so hard, why stop now?

By Jenn Sinrich
September 21, 2018
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Using your wedding as motivation to adopt better eating and exercise habits is great, but it's important to remember that life still goes on after the reception is over. While looking and feeling like the best version of yourself is something most brides want for their wedding, becoming your healthiest self for life is equally as important. That's why you shouldn't regress to your old ways after the big day. "You have already done most of the hard work making these healthy changes an actual living, breathing habit-all you have to do is keep on doing everything you have been doing to look and feel your best," says Chris Ryan, C.S.C.S and founder of Chris Ryan Fitness.

While it might be easier said than done, these expert-approved tips can help ensure you stay on top of your wellness game so that you feel incredible throughout your first year of marriage and beyond.

Enlist your spouse as your gym partner.

Dragging yourself to the gym solo can be tough, but it's way more enticing when you have a pal to go with. That's why the pros suggest making a date to sweat it out with your new spouse. "When you work out, your body produces more of the feel-good hormone oxytocin and makes you feel more sexually attracted to your mate," explains Elesa Zehndorfer, Ph.D., a sports scientist and author. If that isn't enough incentive, think about how you'll be able to hold each other accountable to complete your sets and sprints to the fullest!

Find a good cause worth sweating for.

Having a purpose is always a motivating factor, especially when it comes to working out. Perhaps your wedding was your good cause, but, now that it's over, it's time to develop a new one. Ryan recommends taking on a healthy, fitness-related charitable element like Team in Training or The D10. "Working out and staying fit for those that can't is a surefire way to help you stay accountable and driven to be the best you!" he adds.

Exercise for your future family.

Although your wedding day has come and gone, there's much to look forward to in the future, including your potential future family. "Many new brides are planning on having kids at some point in the future and staying in shape not only provides your future baby with a healthier life, but it also may help with getting pregnant in the first place," says Ryan. "Pregnancy is the toughest race you will ever run, so the healthier you are for it, the better."

Communicate your goals.

Caprice O'Bryant, owner and head trainer of Excuse Free Fitness, Inc., recommends being open with your spouse about your goals you so that he or she can help you stay motivated. It also helps your spouse understand why you have to get to the gym even on a Sunday afternoon-because it makes you feel amazing to be strong.

Consider it an act of self-care.

You know the importance of self-care, but you still might neglect to treat yourself now that your wedding day has passed. "While loving your spouse is important, the love you give yourself will determine how much love you are able to give them," says O'Bryant. Go ahead and book that weekly yoga class.


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