When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, there are few hard and fast rules. The one rule to follow, says to Martha Stewart Weddings editor Darcy Miller, is to select a hairstyle that reflects your personality. If you typically wear your hair in a casual ponytail or bun, your wedding is probably not the best time to try a formal, coiffed hairdo; by the same token, if your hair is always perfectly arranged, you should avoid a loose, casual style.

The first step in deciding on a wedding hairstyle is finding the right stylist -- someone who is open to your ideas and familiar with your personal style. When bride Jodi Levine met with Pedro Sanchez, a stylist at the Warren-Tricomi Salon in New York City, she knew she wanted an upswept hairstyle combined with flowers. Pedro and Jodi worked together to create a style perfectly suited to Jodi's personality and embellished with beautiful, fragrant lilies.

Start looking for a stylist at least four months before your wedding. When you decide on one, draw up a contract that spells out every detail of costs and scheduling: Will the stylist be available on your wedding day? How will he get to the wedding, and are his transportation costs included in his fee? Will he bring an assistant, and, if so, who will pay the assistant?


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