Are he and Blake Lively parents to a new baby girl?
Credit: Michael Stewart

It looks like there's something in the water of adorable celebrity dads, because Ryan Reynolds may be the second father this month to have accidentally revealed his second child's sex.

Ashton Kutcher Just Revealed the Sex of Baby No. 2 With Mila Kunis

The actor posted a joke on Twitter this Thursday, but many are taking the Tweet at (partial) face value.

"The mobile above my daughter's crib is just a whole bunch of NuvaRings. So she remembers how lucky she is," wrote the star.

And because he put "crib" and "daughter" in the same sentence, some fans have concluded that he and Blake Lively must have a new baby girl at home.

The theory is bolstered by the fact that couple's first daughter, James, is nearly two, which speculators believe is past the crib-sleeping age.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Welcome Baby Number Two!

If the Tweet was indeed a surprise reveal, Reynolds is not alone-Ashton Kutcher just recently (and unexpectedly) announced the sex of his second child (a baby boy!) with Mila Kunis.

And while the rumor is just that-a rumor-we're not surprised that Lively- and Reynolds-followers are so excited. The anticipation has been killing us!


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