64 Boutonnières You Both Will Love

Jordan Voth

Though your mind may be on what flowers you and your bridesmaids will be holding down the aisle, the boutonnière is just as important. Ever wonder why the groom and his groomsmen wear boutonnières in the first place? The groom traditionally wears a flower from the bride's bouquet to symbolize his ties to the bride, and his groomsmen do the same—placed on the left side, right above the heart (awwww!). And though they may be small, boutonnières can make a big statement. They add a punch of personality, color, and texture to the groom and groomsmen's lapels.

While flowers are the traditional choice for boutonnières, guys these days can be found wearing other types of bouts that are meaningful to the couple-to-be. If the groom has a favorite hobby (say, golf, tennis, or baseball) he may want to include a nod to that spot in his lapel accessory. If he's allergic to blooms, or feels they don't fit with his look, greenery, succulents, or berries are all great alternatives. Even paper flowers can do the trick!

Although they're small, the men's boutonnières can make a big impact, so it's important to put some serious thought into your choice. To help inspire your own bout, we rounded up a few of our favorites from past real weddings.

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simone darren wedding ireland boutonnieres
Paula O'Hara

These lush and full bouts were crafted from rosemary, thistle, spray roses, and ranunculus.

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Romantic Blooms

pink boutonniere
Jordan Voth

Blue thistle, eucalyptus, and soft pink blooms brought a romantic vibe to this groom's look.

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Orange and Green

orange flower boutonierre
Lindsey LaRue

A bright orange orchid boutonnière popped against an emerald-hued jacket, and picked up the burnt pumpkin shades in the groom's pocket square.

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Love Note

red Boutonniere
Amilia Photography

The main attraction of this groom's boutonnière—beyond the colorful ranunculus and carnations, that is—was a sweet card, written with a simple promise: "Forever."

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Blue Velvet

white flower boutonniere
Camarie Photography

A green-and-white bout, complete with exotic greens and a single cream flower, was made more luxe thanks to a navy velvet ribbon.

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Green Scene

Jenn Emerling

A sprig of greens, an orchid, and a calla lily brought sophistication to this gent's lapel.

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Dusty Rose

rose boutonniere
M&J Photography

An oversized rose, in the prettiest shade of muted pin, looked even better flanked by leafy greens and a twine-wrapped stem.

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Pretty Peony

pink boutonniere
KT Merry

Wrapped in tuxedo black satin, an un-unopened peony and textured greens brought color to a traditional suit.

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Little Lily

pink flower boutonniere
Roberta Facchini

Front and center, a speckled magenta bloom popped against this gent's dove gray jacket.

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Berries and Lace

white boutonnieres
Carly McCray

Berries and a single white floret were held together with a strip of knotted lace—the perfect nod to the bride's wedding dress.

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Color Contrast

pink and orange boutonniere
Camarie Photography

This splashy peach and pink bout added some levity to this groom's fashion-forward burgundy suit and leather bow tie.

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Succulents and Suspenders

succulent boutonniere
Emily Delamater Photography

A tiny bundle of succulents fastened onto navy suspenders brought a casual vibe to a groomsmen's look.

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Fiddle Head

pink boutonniere
Dixie Pixel Photo

Fuzzy fiddle heads were an unexpected pairing for this deep pink spray, but the contrast works beautifully.

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Lots of Drama

Amilia Photography

A dramatic long bloom added verticality to this unique arrangement; the surrounding hot pink florals brought color.

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Dried Display

rustic boutonniere
Yasmin Roohi

For their rustic-inspired fête, groomsmen donned dried four-leaf flower and berry bouts, wrapped in crimson ribbon.

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Floral Affair

Julie Shuford

Everything about this groom's look—from the daisy-studded tie, to the succulent and wildflower boutonnière—screamed style.

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Dashing Dahlia

red flower boutonniere
Camarie Photography

We're not sure what's more attention-grabbing—this groom's patterned bowtie or his striking dahlia boutonnière.

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Strikingly Simple

white lily boutonniere
Carly McCray

At a barn wedding, a twine wrapped calla lily bout was beyond appropriate.

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Just Peachy

Cassi Claire

Lots of peachy petals made this small arrangement appear bigger than its actual size.

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Fall Harvest

boutonniere grasses
Jenn Emerling

This boutonnière looked like it was crafted from early autumn's flora. The groom kept the fall theme coming with a pumpkin-colored bow tie.

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wedding boutonnieres
Lauren Kinsey

One groom sourced fern, hemlock, holly, boxwood, and holly berries from his family's farm to craft boutonnières for him and his beau.

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Tallow Berry

Aaron Delesie

Eucalyptus and tallow berries united on these groomsmen's lapels for this wintry wedding in Colorado.

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Kate Osborne

Men's lapels at this winter wedding were colorfully decorated with olive leaves, euphorbia, and kumquats.

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Greens for the Guys

Keira Lemonis Photography

The groomsmen, ushers, fathers, and godfathers adorned their lapels with these boutonnieres of seeded eucalyptus, white berries, and pine at this fall wedding in upstate New York.

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Punch of Purple

Collin Hughes

Ranunculus buds and rose hips were wrapped with velvet ribbon before adorning the guys' lapels at this Minnesota wedding.

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Michèle M. Waite

These blue hydrangeas, rose hips, and dahlia buds boutonnieres were tied off with blue silk ribbon.

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Coming Up Roses

Nancy Ray Photography

The gents spruced up their lapels with boutonnieres of petite roses and seeded eucalyptus at this North Carolina wedding.

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Bryce Covey Photography

Ranunculus and rice flowers in desert hues were two of the flowers used for the groomsmen's boutonnieres at a Santa Fe wedding.

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Billy Balls

Jennifer Emerling

Billy balls, dusty miller, and handmade button flowers tied with twine dressed up a groom's lapel.

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Meg Perotti

For this summertime fête, the gents' lapels were dressed up with aromatic boutonnieres with herbs and ingredients found in spirits like gin, such as rosemary, juniper, bay laurel, hops, grains, Douglas fir, and cinnamon.

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Paper Flowers

Natalie Neal

The bride crafted DIY boutonnieres from crepe paper to adorn the wedding party suits, attaching each with oversized bronze safety pins she found online.

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Scottish Roots

Tec Petaja

He didn't end up sporting a kilt at his wedding, but this groom did wear a boutonniere made of thistle to represent his Scottish heritage.

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All the Color

Ingalls Photography

Coral ranunculus boutonnieres offered a burst of color against the groomsmen's black suits from Black by Vera Wang at this New York City celebration.

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Sara & Rocky Photography

The guys at this Mexico destination wedding donned boutonnieres made from seashells and raffia.

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Mellow Yellow

Brian Dorsey Studios

Boutonnieres of craspedia and chamomile provided a dash of yellow for the groom and his groomsmen at this Newport wedding.

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Fall Buds

Liz Banfield

Ranunculus, rose hips, andromeda heather buds, and olive leaf made up the velvet-wrapped deep red groomsmen's boutonnieres at this fall wedding.

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Fabric Floral

Cadence & Eli

Wanting to have a signature floral motif throughout the event, the bride at this Minneapolis wedding designed a red-and-pink flower print, which was used to make the groom's fabric boutonniere.

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Super Casual

David Wright Weddings

The guys sported boutonnieres of lavender, wax flower, blueberries, and rosemary at this laid-back Martha's Vineyard wedding.

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Olive Leaf

Lindsay Madden Photography

A pin of wax flowers, seeded eucalyptus, and olive leaves accessorized the groomsmen's lapels at this Italian destination wedding.

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Poppy Pods

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

The groom, the bride's son, and the fathers wore boutonnieres of poppy pods and veronica at this Denver celebration.

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Fresh Fern

Leo Patrone Photography

The men in the wedding party sported boutonnieres made of mock orange blossoms and fern leaves, which were then wrapped with silk trim for this backyard bash in Utah.

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Lily of the Valley

Elizabeth Messina Photography

Lily of the valley brightened each cluster of blooms worn by the groomsmen at this destination wedding in Ireland.

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Marcus Nilsson

While musician Gabe Saporta didn't have official groomsmen, his close male friends and family wore boutonnieres made from local white larkspur, jasmine, and eucalyptus seedlings.

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Fragrant Lavender

Adrienne Page

At this South Carolina celebration, the boutonnieres featured lavender sprigs coiled in pale ribbon.

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Jessica Antola

As a tribute to this groom's stint in Alaska, feathers from the state bird, the ptarmigan, surrounded a sprig of nigella.

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Lisa Lefkowitz

A sprig of lily of the valley and a faux gold leaf gave this groom's lapel a special touch.

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Summertime Spray

Joielala Photographie

Small clusters of gomphrena and spray roses adorned the menswear at this summertime celebration in California.

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Into the Woods

Jill Thomas

For a woodsy look, this groom trimmed his lapel with small bundles of viburnum berries, raspberries, ferns, and millet.

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Soft and Romantic

Pink and Leather Wedding Shoes
Laura Murray Photography

This boutonniere featured lambs' ear and scabiosa tied with pink velvet ribbons for a modern and dimensional effect.

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Mr. Haack

Gold sequined Ban.do hearts were incorporated into the boutonnieres at this whimsical wedding in Maine.

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Photography: Sincerely

The gents at this Richmond, Virginia, wedding sported orchid boutonnieres.

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Formal in Feathers

Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

The groom and groomsmen at this formal rustic wedding in Georgia pinned velvet millinery leaves and a variety of feathers to their lapels.

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Garden Roses

Corbin Gurkin

David's groomsmen, all childhood friends (except for his dad, who was best man), donned garden-rose-and-rice-flower boutonnieres.

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Red and White

Mi Belle Photographers

A white ranunculus boutonniere adorned Mike's lapel, while the groomsmen sported red ones made from rancunculus, spray roses, and berries.

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Jen Huang

Embroidered crests that referenced the coat of arms from the groom's family were repurposed as boutonnieres for this California vineyard wedding.

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Fall Berries

Amber Gress

This boutonniere, by Lindsay Rae Design, included gold spray-painted bay leaves, spray roses, rosemary, and hypericum berries.

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Katie Stoops Photography

JM Flora Design made the boutonnieres for this fall wedding in Virginia with ranunculus and privet berries, which were displayed with calligraphed tags by Laura Hooper before the ceremony.

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Pure Elegance

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

The groom at this New York City wedding wore a boutonniere with blueberries, lisianthus, and peony buds made by Stonekelly Events.

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Pussy Willow

Jose Villa

Rebecca Grace of Natural Art Flowers crafted the boutonnieres for this wedding in Australia using olive leaf and pussy willow.

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Pink and Yellow

Gideon Photo

Twigg Botanicals made this groom's boutonniere out of a pink ranunculus, a lisianthus bud, hypericum berries, and seeded eucalyptus sprigs.

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Erich McVey

Sarah Winward bound together a cluster of astrantias, jasmine blooms, and local foliage using a snip of silk ribbon at this destination wedding in Thailand.

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Millie Holloman

For this late summer wedding, Salt Harbor Designs wrapped white ranunculus, olive leaves, and tiny blue berries found growing on Nantucket in blue-and-white striped ribbon.

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Winter White

Hannah Hudson Photography

Poppy Lane Design spruced up the groom's lapel at this Christmas wedding with a boutonniere made out of white ranunculus, fresh herbs, and some accent greenery.

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Neutral and Earthy

Alison Conklin

Small clusters of astilbe, eucalyptus, and olives wrapped in crocheted lace, by Papertini, brightened the groom's lapel at this destination wedding in Italy.

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