Yes, but experts suggest doing so in moderation.

Bride Makeup Trial

While you don't need to overboard with Kardashian-like contouring on your wedding day (unless that's your thing!), it could be a good idea to try a soft wedding-day contour, says celebrity makeup artist Edward Cruz. "On your wedding day, more photos will be taken of you within an hour than an entire decade," he says. "You can't predict what kind of light and camera will be used, but you can prepare by having a polished complexion with a soft contour that will look good in day, night, flash, or high definition."

When you're doing contour, soft is a key adjective: You shouldn't see any harsh lines. "Contour, when applied properly, will create a soft focus toward the center of your face," Cruz says. This is a result you can see in photos, video, and real life. But less is more, especially when it comes to shaping the face. You want to create a natural shape that is undetectable, rather than one that appears intentional."

To that end, he suggests lightly contouring the hairline, under your chin, cheekbones, and jawline, and to be sure to take the shade down the sides of your neck to create a seamless look from your face to your body. Doing your own wedding-day makeup? Be sure to practice several times before the big day—it's a technique that takes time to master.

As for which products to use, he recommends going with a soft shade of bronzer that adds warmth to the skin. "Baked powders are great because they give the skin a soft glow that will effortlessly blend into the brighter regions of your face, like your cheek color and cheekbone highlight."


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