It helps you look and feel good.

By Nicole Moleti
October 10, 2018
Bridal Makeup Trial

Crossing the beauty-related tasks off your pre-wedding to-do list will help you do more than just find your perfect lipstick color. As a bridal makeup artist for 15 years, I've learned that a the wedding makeup trial often serves a much larger purposes. For most women, it's also a much-needed therapy session. Whether you end up talking to your pro about bridesmaid drama, the fact that your future mother-in-law refuses to have her hair and makeup done for the wedding, or that one of your vendors is driving you crazy, having a neutral party to talk to is surprisingly therapeutic. And even if you don't need to vent, just hearing that she can help you cover a pimple, sun spot, or to fill in your eyebrows on the wedding day may help calm your nerves. Here, three reasons why the makeup trial is often the best therapy for a stressed out bride-to-be.

She'll listen to your problems and secrets.

Like your hairdresser or your mailman, your makeup artist is a safe person to share with. Many brides-to-be sit down in the makeup chair and proceed to talk about everything from their relationship with their future mother-in-law to their stress over the seating chart. It makes sense: While the pro works, the bride relaxes and feels as though she can open up to an objective person who doesn't really know her or her counter-parts. When it's your time to plan out your big-day look, enjoy the experience and feel free to vent if you need to. You'll might be surprised by how willing your makeup artist is to help. I personally love when brides talk to me about what's bothering them, and there's nothing better than hashing out their problems while we pick the perfect lipstick; it's a win-win.

Share your biggest insecurities.

If there's a feature or flaw that you don't love about yourself, now is your chance to share that information with a professional. Not only will your makeup artist be able to help you come up with a solution for the wedding day, but she'll likely be able to provide you with tips you can apply to everyday life, too. You feel better mentally when you feel better physically; it's human nature.

She'll help calm your big-day beauty worries.

Maybe you're prone stress-induced pimples, or else you're thinking about using a self-tanner for the first time before the wedding. No matter what you're planning or worried about, talk to your makeup artist and let her offer tips and ideas. At the very least, your pro's input will calm your nerves. Brides always warn me that they might need a different shade of foundation after sunless tanning or that they're prone to rosacea flare-ups or breakouts when under stress. Simply hearing that your artist will have everything that might be necessary on the wedding day will help you calm down.


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