You have to see the one from 1986.

YouTube channel Mode, the same channel that brought you 100 Years of Wedding Dresses, just released a new 100 Years video, and this time they're highlighting wedding cakes! The video takes you from 1916 all the way through 2016, showcasing the most popular wedding-cake trends from each decade. The cakes start out smaller with just flower toppers and get a bit more extravagant throughout the years with multi-tiered confections cropping up in 1926, and bride-and-groom cake toppers appearing in the '30s. The 1986 cake even sports electric-blue frosting, and the 1996 cake embodies the ultimate grunge era with black piped frosting, black fondant, and one hilarious cake topper.

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The cake-tier styles evolve over time, going from stacked tiers, to tiers placed on high pedestals, and returning back to stacked tiers towards the end. The one thing that remains pretty much the same? Those gorgeously piped buttercream roses.

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The cake trend Mode showcased for 2016 isn't a naked cake like you might expect, but it's a mod, brightly painted three-layer confection! Current wedding-cake trends aren't so set in stone like they were in past decades. More couples are choosing their cakes based on their own personal preferences rather than sticking to the trend of the moment. Plus, plenty of couples don't even serve cake at all! But one thing is for sure, wedding cakes are definitely becoming more creative as time goes on, and this video showcases that trend beautifully.

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