Not everyone experiences love at first sight.
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These couples are proof that sometimes first impressions aren't always right.

Same day, second chance

Murray and his wife were both students at Harvard's Graduate School of Education when they met. At the time, his wife was looking for a private school where she might teach, and overheard that Murray had written an unusual paper about a private school in Western Massachusetts. She called him up and asked to read the paper and to have Sunday brunch. He showed up-but an hour late. The meal she prepared was ruined, but Murray wasn't picking up on her disappointment. Instead, he was checking his watch to make sure he could escape in time to watch football on TV. After she promptly told him to "get out," he was startled, and asked if they could start again. "I stayed the rest of the day-12 hours," he says. "We discovered how much we had in common." They moved in together the very next day, and were married 10 weeks later.

Blurred vision

Cori from Portland, Connecticut met her husband in high school. Their first date was the night of a school dance. Cori, a new student, wore glasses at the time, but she opted to leave them at home because they made her feel self-conscious. Andrew offered to take her home, but the problem was, she couldn't see well enough to tell him how to get there. "I didn't want to admit how directionally challenged I was, so I kept randomly making instructions like, 'Turn left here,' and, 'Make a right,' hoping something would look familiar," she recalls. In the 90s, without a phone or GPS, the couple had to stop somewhere and ask for directions. Andrew loved that Cori wanted to impress him, and Cori loved his patience. That was the night they fell in love, she says.

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Breakdowns in communication

Beverly and Pablo, from Austin, Texas, have been married for 40 years, but before they fell in love, they thought they stood each other up. After they met at one of his art shows, they set a date. Pablo planned to call Beverly to get directions, but unbeknownst to both of them, her phone was out of order. He thought she purposely disconnected to avoid going out, and she thought he had simply stood her up. "Thankfully, one of Pablo's friends talked him into calling me at work the next day to find out what happened," Beverly says. "We went out the next night for a fabulous romantic dinner and were married two months later."

The family man

Megan met her husband on They hit it off via email, so they were working to set up a date. She suggested one Sunday afternoon, but he declined, saying he had plans with family that day. That Sunday, Megan went out with a few friends and saw who she thought was her potential match. He was with another woman. "Definitely not a family member," she says. Her friends went to the table with a made-up story to confirm that it, indeed, was him. Megan wasn't sure to go on their planned date or give him the heave-ho, but she cut him some slack because they live in a small town, and it could have happened to anyone, she says, and seven years of marriage later they still get laughs out of it.

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