No tricks here! For a fun and elegant atmosphere (that's a total treat) look no further than these great ideas.
wedding couple blowing candles

If you are getting married at the end of October and love Halloween, why not make pumpkins and goblins your wedding theme? If your answer is, "Because it will look like a 10-year-old's party!" we're here to tell you that you're wrong. Sure, Halloween often lends itself to spooky, silly decorations, but there are tasteful ways to incorporate the holiday into your wedding reception. Here, our best ideas for a Halloween-themed wedding that's more sophisticated than scary.

Wear a flowing gray wedding dress.

It'll be an unexpected choice that conveys a darkly glamorous spin on the traditional white dress.

Marry by candlelight.

Turn off the overheads and fill every surface with candles. Not only will the flickering flames set the tone, but glowing candles will ensure your space looks very romantic. At the reception, set the stage with candelabras. They have a beautiful but mysterious old-mansion aesthetic that works really well at a Halloween-inspired wedding. Rent from a party-supply store.

Choose a sophisticated color palette.

Instead of pumpkin orange and white, tweak it: Make burnt orange and silver the main colors instead, with bright orange, white, and black as accent colors. Not sold on the gourd's main hue? Try a gray or black base with pops of red, burgundy, and green for a fall-inspired color palette that still speaks to the holiday.

Include black flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces.

Dark flowers will lend an edgy, nontraditional look to your arrangements. There are plenty of black blooms out there, including roses, dahlias, hellebores, pansies, calla lilies, tulips. Ask your florist for their recommendations.

Lose the orange and black crepe paper.

It's the perfect decoration for the juvenile crowd but not so much for a stylish wedding. Instead, use luxe linens (a Halloween wedding is the perfect time to splurge on velvet tablecloths!) on your tables.

Two words: white pumpkins.

Did you know that pumpkins come in white, too? Decorate with a few in the reception room.

Set a gorgeous table.

Create place settings that avoid looking childish: silver tablecloth, black charger, white dinner plate, silver flatware, and burnt orange napkin.

Don't ask guests to come in costume.

But to add a playful touch, offer fun Halloween masks at the photo booth.

Serve a themed candy bar.

Besides candy corn and black licorice, load up a sweets bar with popular mini-size candies such as Snickers, Skittles, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Pixy Stix, and Twizzlers. Provide small bags for guests to take their goodies home. Consider them your favors!


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