If you're going to send out these formal notes, make sure you follow the proper etiquette rules.

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So, you're finally married! As much as you'd like to kick up your feet and enjoy newlywed bliss, your list of to-dos isn't quite finished yet. On top of changing your name and sending out thank-you cards, wedding announcements might also deserve a spot on your priority list.

What is a wedding announcement?

A wedding announcement is just that—an announcement that a couple has tied the knot, completed their honeymoon, and are settling in at home.

Who gets a wedding announcement?

Much like an engagement announcement, there isn't one specific list of people who should receive the wedding announcement. Instead, a couple can send to anyone. "In the past, these went to anyone who didn't make the invitation list, or in the case a couple eloped or had a really small wedding," Chelsea Lafollette, co-owner and planner and designer of Brilliant Event Planning, said. This group usually includes coworkers, long-distance relatives, and acquaintances. Couples should feel free to send an announcement to those who attended the wedding as well as those who received an invite but couldn't make it.

What format should we send it?

There is no hard and fast rule as to the format of a wedding announcement. Some prefer a traditional card, with a design that echoes the wedding colors or perhaps features a wedding or honeymoon photo. Others prefer an easier, more streamlined approach and create a social media post with official wedding pictures, or perhaps send an email announcement. Do what makes sense to you and your new husband. Whether email or print, a fun Instagram post, or a quick phone call, a wedding announcement is an important way to complete the wedding process and start your life together in a complete way.


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