And rumor has it they could be engaged by spring.
Prince Harry
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Long time no see, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Last night, the pair stepped out in London for a date night, and were seen holding hands for the first time ever. The Sun shared photos of the lovebirds, and reports that their relationship is getting very serious. "I can see them engaged by spring," an insider told the tabloid. "I know that sounds a bit crazily soon, but he's head over heels and they can't bear to be apart."

Are Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Talking Engagement?

This is the first time we've seen the two out and about in 2017, since they jetted off to Norway to kick off the year privately. But Meghan and Harry have been spending a lot of time together-in fact, sources say she's "virtually moved in" to Harry's Kensington Palace cottage. "They've taken things to the next level," a source told the tabloid. "They're practically living together. She cooks for him, he pops out to the gym and they're just enjoying hanging out." Besides Harry keeping up royal engagements and Meghan's solo humanitarian trip to India for World Vision Canada, they've spent all of their time together. It makes sense, since Meghan isn't filming Suits right now.

Speaking of Suits, co-star and newlywed Patrick J. Adams sat down with E! News to talk about Meghan's relationship with the royal. "I'm super excited for her," he said. "As you can imagine, it's a massive deal, obviously, if you haven't noticed. I didn't wanna get involved. I just wanted to say, 'I love you, I support you, I hope you're happy. You seem really happy' and if she ever needed anybody to talk to in the madness-'cause it is madness, it's madness what the world puts somebody through when they're going through this process. But if there's anyone in the world who is designed to be able to deal with it and deal with it professionally, it's Meghan Markle."

"Shes like a little sister and the amount that she's accomplished in her life is unbelievable," Adams continued. "She's dedicated to so many humanitarian causes and I know that [Harry] uses his absurd amount of power and sway in this world to do some really, really great things, so I think together, they could accomplish some pretty incredible stuff."

Talk about a power couple! We hope these future engagement rumors play out so these two can save the world.

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