You may want to avoid these dates as you plan your nuptials.
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There are 365 days in a year, so it would seem like choosing your wedding date would be a breeze. However, there are questions you may want to ask yourself before you get your heart set on a specific date. Are you open to getting married on your parent's anniversary? What about your sister's birthday? Would you ever plan a holiday wedding? Once you answer those, you might be wondering if there are any really bad days to get married. According to four wedding planners, there's no such thing as a bad date for a wedding, but there are certainly some that would be considered less than ideal. Here, the pros share a list of dates that they're advising their clients against for 2019.

February 3, 2019

Even if you and your future spouse are not huge sports fans, you can be pretty certain that at least some of your guests are. Kevin Dennis, a wedding planner and the owner of Fantasy Sound Events, is reminding his clients about the dates of major sporting events-like the Super Bowl, which will take place on February 3-because the last thing you want is for your family and friends to be preoccupied with trying to find out the score of the big game during your ceremony.

March 19 through April 8, 2019

Similarly, if you know the majority of your guests are basketball buffs, weekend dates from March 19 through April 8 should probably be avoided, as this when March Madness takes place. Although it's a less common conflict, Dennis is warning his clients about these weekends, too.

March 17, 2019

If you were thinking about a Sunday wedding in March, skip the 17th-even if your guests aren't big fans of St. Patrick's Day, you might have rowdy revelers turn up at your reception, and that's the last thing you'll want on your big day.

September and December 13, 2019

If you or your future spouse are superstitious people, these aren't the dates for you. They signify the only two Friday the 13ths of the entire calendar year. With so many other Friday options, it should be easy enough to pick an alternative date.

Dates with Both 1 and 9

Janessa White with Simply Eloped is advising her clients to skip dates that she thinks will be popular in 2019, especially those with both 1 and 9 in them. These included 1/1/19, 1/9/19, 1/19/19, 9/1/19, 9/9/19, and 9/19/19. Due to the high demand for those repetitive dates, she expects venues to be crowded and vendors to charge a higher than normal premium. If you really want to make it official on one of these days, she suggests booking your vendors and venue as soon as possible.

Dates that Coincide with Local Festivals, Events, and Celebrations

Emily Sullivan of Emily Sullivan Events says every couple should be aware of things that are happening near their proposed wedding venue. For example, Mardi Gras takes place in New Orleans on March 5, so anyone planning events in and around that city can expect road closures, increased traffic, and higher than normal rates for things like hotel accommodations and travel costs. Depending on where you're planning on tying the knot there may be localized events like races, parades, or concerts that could cause problems for you.

Major Holidays

Nicola Jackson of Hanami Dream says that while there's nothing wrong with getting married on a holiday, you'll probably pay a premium for flowers (especially if you're tying the knot on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day). You may also want to think twice about planning a wedding on a day that would make it hard for parents of small children to attend (like Halloween or Christmas).


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