29 Food Trucks and Mobile Bars That Can Roll Right Up to Your Wedding

hayleigh corey wedding donuts trailer
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If the idea of a seated dinner feels too formal for your big day, or if you just want to offer something different than an extravagant grazing table at your cocktail hour, there's another option that's become increasingly popular in recent years: wedding food trucks. These meals (or drinks) on wheels are an alternative to traditional catering options and provide guests with a unique experience that they'll remember for years to come.

Whether you want to serve classic street food, like tacos or lobster rolls, or want a mobile bar service that offers cocktail hour beverages, like Champagne and craft beer, there's no shortage of options or inspiration when it comes to food truck wedding ideas.

Want to find an option that's just as cute near you? Start by considering the companies you've spotted around your own city or hometown—or see if one of our favorites, featured ahead, suits your wedding style.

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Dolce Bacio

couple portrait eating gelato on bike
Tailor James Photography

If you want to offer more dessert options at your reception, consider a gelato bike. Aside from having wedding cake and cannolis, these brides enlisted Dolce Bacio to serve gelato on the back of a bicycle. The station featured six of the pair's favorite flavors—and was a major hit with guests.

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Sweet Scoops

sweet scoops homemade ice cream cart
Kevin Chin

For couples with a sweet tooth, consider having a mobile homemade ice cream cart roll up to your event. Sweet Scoops' stand had all the fixings, from toppings to cones. For an authentic ice cream shop feel, place a sign that lists all of the flavors next to the cart. This one offered up vanilla, chocolate, Sonoma strawberry, Oreos and cream, cookie dough, and mango sorbet.

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Tahoe Fullers

sandwiches and salads wedding food truck
Kari Henrichsen

Skip a sit-down dinner and serve a menu that's equally as fulfilling straight from a food truck. We love the offerings at this wedding which featured a menu of grilled tri tip, lemon rosemary chicken, and three-cheese truffle macaroni from Tahoe Fullers on-site food truck.

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Get Cozy Vintage Mobile Bars

prosecco and craft beer bar truck
Morgan Renee Photography

It's not a wedding without Champagne, but there's still room for creativity when serving the timeless celebratory beverage. This prosecco truck from Get Cozy Vintage Mobile Bars offered bubbly and craft beer to guests out of a vintage vehicle on wheels.

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Negranti Creamery

Caitlin and Fletcher wedding ice cream truck
Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Most attendees have different preferences when it comes to dessert. A cute way to provide something everyone will love is to take notes from this couple, who had an ice cream truck provided by Negranti Creamery on hand; a sundae bar was arranged below so guests could make their own desserts.

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Petite Street

Court & Kelsey's mobile bar parked in trees
Kay Kroshus

Elevate your cocktail hour sips by bringing in a beverage truck, like these newlyweds did. Bartenders from Petite Street served four beers on tap as well as the couple's signature cocktails out of a mobile bar that was decorated with string lights and greenery garlands, a nod to the locale's natural green foliage.

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Wayfarer Mobile Bar

camper cocktail bar
Kristin Lin Photography

Even though it's mobile, a beverage truck still gives guests all of the options they would find at a bar that's built into the venue. At this event partygoers had no shortage of choices, thanks to Wayfarer Mobile Bar, which provided everything from simple beverages to detailed mixology from their selection of beer, wine, cocktails, and mocktails.

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Copper & Crystal

Caitlin and Fletcher wedding cocktail hour mini bus
Ashley Ludaescher Photography

If you're hoping to achieve a laid-back vibe at your wedding, take inspiration from this couple's relaxed outdoor fête. The event featured a simple aqua-blue mobile bar where guests could casually order beverages from Copper & Crystal bartenders.

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Class Ricevimenti

class ricevimenti mobile food cart bicycle
Peter and Veronika

If you're planning an Italy-inspired wedding or want to bring some of your Italian heritage to your big day, do so with a sweet touch by offering guests gelato. Make it fun with a vintage-style gelato cart like this one from Class Ricevimenti.

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The Peached Tortilla

peached tortilla food truck mobile
Two Pair Photography

One of the most popular ways couples choose to highlight food trucks at their wedding is by hiring companies that serve street food, like The Peached Tortilla does. The Austin, Texas-based food truck service is a local specialty that also caters weddings. Their menus range from Korean braised short ribs to street food style small bites.

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Westray's Finest

westrays finest food truck bride groom menu
Kim Stockwell

Want to serve ice cream alongside your wedding cake? Hire an ice cream truck to serve scoops on your big day. If you're located in the greater Virginia or Washington, D.C., area, make like this couple and have Westray's Finest cater your event. The mobile truck will provide wedding goers with top quality ice cream and take your dessert spread to the next level.

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Airstream Bar Food Truck Outdoors
Jake Anderson

Make cocktail hour an unforgettable experience by going for something eye-catching. Take notes from this pair who brought an airstream bar from Barmadillo to their event. It was the perfect way to serve up the newlyweds' signature beverage—"The Olaf"—a combination of vodka, butterfly pea-lavender syrup, and lemon.

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Sweet Lulu's Bakery

sweet lulus mobile food cart bride groom
Virgil Bunao

Are you and your significant other beer lovers? Work the beverage into your reception by hiring a truck service that offers the drink on tap. At this wedding, the bride and groom had Sweet Lulu's Bakery's custom-built stretch bicycle with an insulated box that holds two kegs at their event. Not into beer? The company can also serve Nitro cold brew, craft cocktails, or margaritas on tap.

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Chug-A-Lug Wagon

chug a lug hazel wagon mobile truck drinks cocktails
Hazel Eyes Photography

Having a mobile bar at your celebration doesn't mean you can't personalize it to fit the rest of your wedding's décor. Just look for a company that gives you the option to do so, like Chug-A-Lug Wagon, which has a variety adornment packages; you can dress up the wagon with seasonal flowers, custom calligraphy on the windows, lawn games, and upgraded glassware.

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Carmela Ice Cream

carmela ice cream cart umbrella
Lauren Scotti Photography

Planning a summer fête? Help guests cool down in style by serving a selection of ice cream, like Carmela Ice Cream does out of their charming umbrellaed pushcart. Their custard-style bases and fresh, seasonal ingredients result in delicious flavors like candied pecan, rosemary with toasted pine nuts, lemon verbena vanilla bean. They have sorbets and sherbets, too.

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Bubble Bros

bubble brothers prosecco van mobile drinks
Bubble Bros

Change up the format of your Champagne toast by bringing Bubble Bros into the mix. Book their prosecco van for your New York City wedding (though it'll easily travel up to two hours away) and clink glasses in style. The vintage three-wheeled van has been converted into a charming sparkling wine bar and Prosecco wagon, giving guests a unique way to sip on their bubbly.

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Tap Truck San Gabriel Valley

tap truck vintage mobile car drinks cocktails
Tap Truck San Gabriel Valley

Consider your big day's theme when deciding on which mobile bar or wedding food truck idea you would like to see on your big day. Going old Hollywood? Tap Truck San Gabriel Valley pulls up to your event in a 1956 Ford Panel Truck has been restored to cast a glamorous scene in the Los Angeles area while serving up a selection of craft beer.

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Negranti Creamery

couple holding ice cream cones by creamery truck
Jen Rodriguez

Go local with your food truck like this couple did at their garden-themed ceremony. The pair surprised guests with a few ice cream choices in cones from the beloved nearby Negranti Creamery.

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Short & Stout Mobile Bar

short stout camper mobile cocktails
Coley & Co Photography

Mobile bars and food trucks are a desirable option for open-air venues that don't have a real kitchen to set up in. At this outdoor event, the couple hired Short & Stout Mobile Bar to serve up drinks during their reception. The service offers elevated bartending—using house-made juices, fresh herbs and fruits, and locally-sourced produce whenever possible. This means your drinks will be fresh, and thanks to the 1964 Atwood canned ham camper, they're served in style.

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Get Cozy Vintage Mobile Bars

bubbles brew mobile bar cart
Get Cozy - Vintage Mobile Bars

If you like the idea of a food or beverage truck but don't have a venue that can handle a full-sized one, there are plenty of companies that feature smaller truck-style mobile carts. Take Get Cozy Vintage Mobile Bars, for example, the concept has a fleet of vintage-vehicles-turned-mobile-bars, including The Piaggio Ape seen here. The tiny, three-wheeled truck was outfitted to serve bubbles and brews, thanks to a pair of beer taps in the back.

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Union Wine Company

David Reamer

Do you have a specific food or beverage you can't imagine your wedding without? Then find a truck catering service that specializes in it. Wine lovers will be more than satisfied having a group like Union Wine Company cater their event. The company is best known for being one of the first wineries to can their wine, and now they're being innovative once more with a wine tasting truck named Celeste.

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Happy Camper Cocktail Company

happy camper cocktail company mobile drinks
Erin Perkins

Just as many traditional wedding venue's offer farm to table ingredients, so do a handful of mobile bar and food truck companies, like the Happy Camper Cocktail Company. A "garden to glass" cocktail, beer, and wine catering company, Happy Camper uses produce from their own farms and local suppliers.

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Daisy the Vintage Ice Cream Van

daisy vintage ice cream mobile food truck children guests
Marianne Taylor

Conjure your favorite childhood memories by hiring a retro-style truck like Daisy the Vintage Ice Cream Van to serve scoops at your reception. To add to the nostalgia, their ice cream and sorbet is served in vintage glass bowls out of a restored 1972 Bedford CF van that has a floral exterior in pastel hues.

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Mirabeau en Provence

Specialty Cocktail Truck
Greg Finck

Add a personal touch when finding a service to cater your drinks. If your loved ones know you as a couple that loves to drink wine together, hire a company like Mirabeau en Provence. The wine business will bring their beloved vino to your event and serve it out of "Belle"—their blue vintage truck that's been repurposed into a mobile bar.

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Bar Car

vintage silver mobile bar car stools tables
Angie Silvy

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a mobile bar is that it's able to accommodate the size of your guest list. One easy way to avoid long lines is to go for an option that has a self-serve element, like the Bar Car. The vintage Airstream trailer turned mobile bar opens to reveal a full liquor bar inside, and self-service beer taps on the outside that pour local microbrews.

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The Rosebery

Courtesy of The Rosebery

Having a food and drink truck at your wedding is all about the experience, and you can really lean into that idea by hiring a company like The Rosebery to cater your event. This restored Routemaster bus offers two levels of party-ready space: a chic cocktail bar below and an elegant dining area above.

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Red Hook Lobster Pound

red hook lobster pound food truck bride groom
Michelle Lindsay Photography

Seafood lovers will be happy to know that there are plenty of food trucks that cater strictly delicacies from the ocean—they're the perfect option if you're planning a nautical event! Looking for inspiration? The Red Hook Lobster Pound's truck offers a full menu that highlights lobster rolls and seafood, with raw bars and small bites available upon request.

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Kimchi Taco Truck

kimchi taco mobile food truck guests
Katie Osgood Photography

After a long reception of dancing and mingling with guests, attendees will rejoice when a late-night food truck pulls up to your event. Make like this couple who hired the Kimchi Taco Truck to dole out Korean fare with bold flavors. They offer tacos, bowls, burritos, and sides and allow you to choose between using them for a late-night snack, as part of a meal, or a full dinner.

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pennys ice cream mobile food truck guests
Redfield Photography

Give guests an unforgettable experience by serving ice cream out of a food truck in lieu of a traditional dessert table. One of our favorites is Penny's which lets you choose your own flavors (including dairy-free sorbet), and serves up deliciousness in sugar, waffle, or pretzel cones, so attendees have variety when ordering.

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