Credit: KirstenStrecker

Favor boxes can look playful or sophisticated with yarn. Many of these ideas use the same technique: Attach end of yarn to bottom of box with a clear round mailing seal; wind yarn around box several times, cut off, and affix other end to bottom with a second seal. Precut all of your yarn before wrapping.

From top left: A pink box is wrapped with a band cut from mesh paper; wind yarn in one direction, then the other, weaving it through. A paper band covers a pink box; it's tied with a fuzzy orange mohair bow. Wavy white yarn binds a green-lidded box; slip extra yarn behind strands at each side, and tie in a bow.

From center left: For the double bow on this box, tie a regular bow, making loops twice your desired length; next make a bow with the right loop (pull loop open, flatten it, cross one end over the other and pull through); repeat with left loop. Tape scalloped card to box, wind yarn between scallops, knot at middle with a short piece, print names on sticker paper, and cut out with craft punch. This long box is covered in tweed-print paper and nubby yarn.

From bottom left: Wind variegated yarn around a box in an asymmetrical design; slip tag under strands. Knot yarns around a matchbox- style box; splay ends for fringe. A band of houndstooth card stock and an off-center bow wrap a box.

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