Every Wedding Dance You Should Consider for Your Reception

There are so many opportunities for everyone to show off their moves.

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If there's one thing that's a staple at weddings (you know, other than the happy couple and the vows), it's dancing. While most of the fun that happens on the dance floor is for the guests, there are a few dances that are meant for certain important people in the bride's and groom's lives. See if any of the following appeal to you-and your special someones-before you finalize your reception dances.

First Dance

This is such a meaningful dance to some couples that they take professional lessons for months before. Others just wing it. Both types will make guests cheer should you choose to do one.


It may be the first time the father and bride have shared formal dance together. But no matter-the whole "Daddy's little girl" vibe will prevail and guests will need a tissue or two.


Songs can be corny ("Sunrise, Sunset") or heartfelt ("You Raise Me Up") but nothing expresses the sentiment of the moment more than the joy on Mom's face as she takes a spin around the dance floor with her son.


Any bride lucky enough to have her grandfather in attendance at her wedding shouldn't miss taking a few steps to the music with him.


Just like with Grandpa and the bride, a groom should take advantage of his beloved grandma being at the wedding by surprising her with a dance.

Stepparent-Bride or Groom

If your stepmom or stepdad was pivotal in your life growing up, consider doing a dance together. Make sure you get a thumb's up from any parent who might get upset if he/she wasn't consulted beforehand.

Godparent-Bride or Groom

If this person is dear to you, thank them for a lifetime of support and guidance with a twirl around the floor.

Anniversary Dance

This dance honors married couples in attendance. There are several ways to do it but the most popular is all married couples start out on the dance floor and as the song progresses, the DJ asks anyone who has been married the shortest amount of time to leave the dance floor until the longest married twosome is left.

The Dollar Dance

Anyone who wants to dance with the bride has to give her one dollar. It may be a European tradition but brides from all over the planet are embracing it too.

Line Dances

Group dances will always be popular. They're easy to learn and give shy non-dancers a chance to bust a move without feeling self-conscious.

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