There are a few reasons why you might want to send formal paper goods to these pros, even if they won't be attending the party as a guest.
henery michael wedding invites stationery

As you finalize your wedding guest list and compile addresses for your invitations, you'll likely begin to wonder if you need to mail formal invites to your vendors. While they already have your date on the books, it can be nice for them to also receive a printed invitation in the mail. Here's everything you need to know about mailing invitations to your wedding vendors, including which ones should actually receive mailed stationery.

Send an invite to anyone who helped conceptualize the paper goods, but didn't actually print them.

If you worked with a designer on a custom monogram or logo, but then had the invites printed on your own, consider mailing the finished product to the expert who helped you conceptualize your idea. In addition to wanting to see how it all turned out, they might also want to use the design in their portfolio or share the beautiful details on social media. If you worked with a stationer who helped from beginning to end, then there's no need to mail one back—they've likely snapped their photos or kept a copy for themselves.

Mail one to your photographer to document, or else hold on to it for the wedding day.

If you're planning to have an invitation photographed, you can have the envelope addressed to your wedding planner or photographer, but you shouldn't send it in the mail. You'll risk damage to the envelope, which might damage it or make it too dirty to photograph. Instead, keep the addressed invitation in your getting-ready box or bag so your photographer can shoot it while you're getting your hair and makeup done on your wedding day. Another option is to mail it to your pro inside another envelope.


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