And getting a pedicure isn't one of them!
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While bar-hopping and "Bride to Be" sashes never get old, if you're interested in a more customized bachelorette party, base it on the bride's interests or passions. Is she the arty type? A nature lover? A feel-good fanatic? Take a look at the six parties we've outlined, none of which focus on whiskey or wine but are just as wonderful.

Bachelorette Party Games

She's into: Being healthy

Activity: Hot yoga

Forget about breaking out into a sweat on the wedding day-the real pore cleanse starts here at the Bikram Yoga Studio, where the room is set to a seriously tropical 105 degrees. It's all in the name of detox, mental clarity, and increased flexibility. Stretch! You'll perspire but you'll also get a good cardio workout and bond with the other girls in a way that would never happen at an afternoon tea.

A Bachelorette Ride for the Bride at SoulCycle

She's into: Partying

Activity: Karaoke

For the bride who can walk into a roomful of strangers and feel comfortable, a karaoke night at a local club (again, with a roomful of strangers) will stroke her extroverted ego. No one needs to twist her arm to get her Adele on! Note: Karaoke also works for introverts but only after doing myriad tequila shots.

She's into: Being creative

Activity: A sketching class

Even girls with no known artistic ability will be first in line at the art studio door when the sketch model is male. And nude. There may be some giggles at first, but pretty soon everyone will be in a Picasso mindset and get down to business. Maybe give a prize for most lifelike drawing?

She's into: The outdoors

Activity: Camping

You may get some flak from girly girls who don't want to pitch a tent or pee in the woods, but after sitting around a campfire gazing at the stars and sharing secrets and s'mores, no one will want to leave.

Adventurous Bachelorette Party Destinations

She's into: Giving to others

Activity: Volunteering

Instead of the focus being on her, the bride would rather the focus be on feeding the homeless, grooming shelter dogs, or another worthwhile charitable endeavor. To have all of her closest girlfriends working side by side with her is better than a bucketful of margaritas. Well, actually, why not raise a glass later?


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