They came, they saw, they celebrated. Now help them get through the morning after.
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Everyone loves an open bar at a wedding-until the following morning, that is. Your celebration is bound to be a moment of indulgence for at least a few of your guests, which makes accommodating your friends' and family members' recuperation the hospitable thing to do. Enter recovery kits. Filled with plenty of hangover repellants, these pouches and boxes are sure to come in handy, especially following that epic after-party.

To help you fill yours, we tapped Lauren Fremont of Loli Events, who's prepped many of these kits for former clients. Her best advice? Either integrate them into your welcome gift or-her personal favorite-hand them out after the festivities as favors. "I always think that a favor should be thoughtful and useful-not a random trinket that won't get used-so a hangover kit is great," she says. Here, our favorite recovery kit options for any type of party.

"I Regret Nothing"

Believe us, they'll regret enjoying those signature cocktails even less when they've got a bag filled with handy helpers, like ibuprofen, eye drops, and mints, says Fremont. Throwing in a midnight snack is another appreciated touch. Other good adds? Facial mist, eye cream, and a hydrating facemask, advises the planner, so attendees can feel and look their best the next day.

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Before and After

Prepare guests for a night of indulgence with a bottle of water and vitamin B (it supposedly staves off hangovers!). We can't say the supplement is foolproof, though, which is why a second bottle of water and Advil makes for an appropriate follow-up. Bonus points if you serve it all up with these cutesy labels, which you can easily DIY.

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Sea Legs

Not all recovery kits revolve around alcohol. For this couple's boat wedding, pouches were filled with anti-nausea pills to prevent sea-sickness. Come to think of it, they'd likely work just as well the morning after, too…

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Recovery Box

While Fremont maintains that these kits don't have to be big to be effective, we can't knock these newlyweds for pulling out all the post-wedding stops. This box had it just about everything-electrolyte-restoring Gatorade, water, a protein-rich granola bar, mouth wash, eye drops, and Aleve.

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Credit: Emily Wren


You have your guests' bumps, bruises, and headaches handled-but what about adequate rest? Customized "Do Not Disturb" signs (these were calligraphed by Cheer Dry Goods) are perfect for hotel-bound guests, who will likely want to sleep in (and sleep it off).


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