Chris Harrison cued us all in.
Juan Pablo Galavis and Osmariel Villalobos at wedding
Credit: Osmariel Villalobos via Instagram

Rachel Lindsay's fiancé wasn't the only relationship announcement made on last night's season finale of The Bachelorette. During the episode, host Chris Harrison revealed that The Bachelor alum Juan Pablo Galavis is married! The former star tied the knot with model and TV host Osmariel Villalobos. The intimate wedding took place in Miami, and People's got all the details.

Villalobos wore an Alejandro Fajardo gown, which she shared happily on Instagram. She also wore a glitzy headpiece, a belt, and dangling earrings. Galavis wore a simple gray suit with an aqua tie and brown shoes.

Galavis and Villalobos have been dating since 2016, when Galavis heard of Villalobos through a mutual friend. Interested, he followed Villalobos on Instagram, where the two started chatting. Before they knew it, they'd hit it off, and the rest is history. "She cares for people. She's very family-oriented. That was important to me," Galavis previously told People of their attraction. "We have a lot in common: we love Reggaeton music and dance all the time. We sing in the car-it's horrible singing, but we do it anyway. It's funny because I do better than her because I know more songs than she does. She likes sports, too. We just have a lot in common." "She's like a female version of me," he added, making sure to clarify "the Juan Pablo that people know personally, not the TV one!"

Congrats to the couple, and to Galavis for finding love, even if it wasn't on the small screen.


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