Choose a song you'll be happy with forever.
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Deciding on a first dance song is one of the most exciting tasks on every couple's wedding to-do list. While you might find that you have an easy answer to this one, many couples have a whole laundry list of go-to options and don't decide which song they'd like to dance to until the last possible moment. Here, five tips for nailing your first dance.

Don't choose a random song off of a list.

Well-intentioned DJs and musicians often send couples a list of go-to songs that are popular for first dances. While you might find a song on that list that has meaning to you, it's more likely that those songs will be a little too cliché for your not-so-cliché romance.

Find a song you've both always loved.

Instead of going random, pick a song that has meaning to you as a couple. It doesn't even have to be a love song if it's something you've shared in your relationship and both really enjoy dancing to. You could also turn to soundtracks of movies you've watched together, or select a tune from an artist you've both gone to see perform.

Skip the pop music.

Even if all you ever listen to is current pop music, it's generally not the best idea to pick a pop song for your first dance. Odds are high that you may attend a number of weddings over the next year and if your wedding song is played at every single wedding as a first dance song, it could get a little awkward. Besides, pop songs get played out quickly and you want a song that'll always have a positive connotation when you hear it.

Consider a classic you've heard a million times and still love.

If you love Otis Redding and have heard "That's How Strong My Love Is" countless times and still want to hear it more, that's a great first dance song for you. Any song that makes you want to drop whatever you're doing and dance circles around your kitchen with your partner for the foreseeable future is a good pick.

Give your band enough notice.

If you have a live band playing your wedding, selecting a song your band knows should be a priority. You can usually pay a band to learn a song for you, but you should give at least a month's advance notice so they can practice together prior to the wedding day.


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