The proposal was super low-key.
Melanie Lynskey and Jason Ritter
Credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images

Togetherness star Melanie Lynskey appeared on Hollywood Today Live on Thursday to talk about her recent movie and career. But little did we know, an innocent question from the host would prompt a big reveal: the New Zealand native is engaged!

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When Ross Mathews referenced the Two and a Half Men star's boyfriend, Parenthood's Jason Ritter, Lynskey corrected him, saying, "well, now he's my fiancé." Muffled by the crowd's cheers, she added "I'm announcing it."

Of course, there's no shame in being surprised-Lynskey readily admitted that she still calls Ritter "boyfriend" on social media, mostly because she's very private. To her, "it seems funny" to make relationship changes so public, and so she's kept quiet about their status on Twitter and Instagram.

Lucky for us, though, she couldn't help but spill some details on TV. It turns out Ritter went for a low-key proposal "on the sofa," and Lynskey had no idea it was coming. The engagement isn't their only big announcement, either-Lynskey recently told Entertainment Tonight that they've begun house-hunting together.

The pair have been dating for four years and met while acting together on the big screen. Funny enough, the two play an engaged couple in their latest co-starring gig-the movie The Intervention-and have also co-starred in the movies We'll Never Have Paris and The Big Ask.

Congrats on the sweet update, guys. We'll be looking forward to the wedding details!


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