She sung an acoustic version of her song "King of My Heart."

February 24, 2019
taylor swift 2016 grammy awards
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Taylor Swift helped give one of her biggest fans the engagement party of a lifetime when she made a surprise appearance to serenade his fiancé with an acoustic version of "King of My Heart."

Alexander Goldschmidt, 30, has been a Swift superfan for years. So when he popped the question to boyfriend Ross Girard, he knew an appearance from the singer, 29, would be the perfect way to begin the rest of their lives together.

"I decided to propose to Ross listening to this song in my car," Goldschmidt wrote on Instagram Saturday. "I can't thank Taylor enough for wanting to help make this day so special #RossAndAlexForever."

Goldschmidt shared a video to Instagram of his and Girard's engagement party at the Sycamore Tavern in Los Angeles.

"There is one secret that I didn't trust any of you with. And there was a person who's not here who sort of played a part in all this, and so I would like to welcome, and if you would give a warm welcome to, my friend Taylor," Goldschmidt said as Swift walked in, shocking everyone.

The singer explained that Goldschmidt emailed her and told her that her track "King of My Heart," off her hit album Reputation, was "really special" to him and his fiancé.

"So I've come prepared," she said, pointing to her guitar. "I've been off tour for a while, but hopefully it's alright. This is from Alex but sung by me."

Goldschmidt shared an additional picture with Swift from before the performance, which he captioned, "The calm before the surprise," and a photo with Girard and Swift captioned, "She came, she sang, I'm dead."

He summed up his feelings on Twitter, writing that he has "never felt so overwhelmed with love and exhaustion in my life."

"Thank you for all the messages. I can't possibly respond to them all, but know that your love and support means the world to me," he wrote. "And holy s-t, Taylor Swift is an angel who gives the best gifts."

Goldschmidt has been a huge fan of the "…Ready for It?" singer for many years, and has selfies with the star that stretch back to at least 2014.

That same year, he appeared in the music video for her single "Shake It Off."

"Two weeks after (taking Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran) selfies, Taylor Swift flew me out to LA to be in the 'Shake It Off' video," he wrote on Instagram in August 2014. "It's the biggest secret I've ever had to keep."

The two kept up a social media friendship in the subsequent months, with Swift following Goldschmidt on Twitter in November 2014 and giving him a shoutout on Tumblr in October 2014 after a fan asked about developments in her vocabulary, specifically her usage of "yas" and "thexy."

"Um you should check out alexandergold cause he's mostly to blame," Swift wrote. "For all of this."

Goldschmidt was also briefly included in Swift's performance on The Voice in November 2014, and the two discussed the white and gold dress that took the internet by storm over Twitter direct messages in February 2015.

Swift even tweeted love advice to him in July 2015.

"Go read Gaga's tweet that she sent me a few months ago. It's good love luck," Swift wrote to him. "Because it's not a tweet. It's a magical spell."

Goldschmidt shared the tweet to Instagram and wrote, "I have been given my instructions. I leave my love life in Lady Gaga's magical hands. My Prince Charming will come."

With his Prince Charming in the picture by May 2018, Goldschmidt introduced Girard and Swift that month, sharing a photo of the three of them posing at the Rose Bowl Stadium to Instagram.

"Introduced my boyfriend to my queen," he wrote.

As for his devotion to the singer, Goldschmidt summed it up on Twitter in May 2018: "She's an incredible artist. She's an incredible performer. She's an incredible human being. I love you, @taylorswift13. Thank you for always being so incredibly kind. Thank you for making sure I never gave up on love. Thank you for the best hugs."

The Grammy winner is currently filming an adaptation of Cats alongside stars including Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba and Judi Dench.

"She's incredible. She's such a lovely girl and I personally think her cat is the sexiest out of all cats," Wilson recently gushed to Entertainment Tonight.


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