The pros break it down for you.

anuja nikhil wedding colorful centerpiece

It's no secret that high-quality floral designs can be expensive. The cost of your wedding centerpieces depends on a number of different factors, including the type and number of flowers, seasonality, the shape and size of the arrangement, and the size and style of the vase. So, how much money should you allocate for each centerpiece to achieve your vision? We asked some of our favorite florists to share their expert knowledge.

Before you meet with your florist, it helps have an idea of what you'd like your centerpieces to look like. Armed with that information, your florist can brainstorm ideas that fit within your budget. "If you are envisioning tall centerpieces packed full of roses, peonies, and orchids, expect to pay at least $300 each," Carolyn Doherty of Ribbon & Twine Floral says. "For a small to medium sized centerpiece with whimsical flowers and lush foliage, you may be able to get exactly what you want for $100 each or even less."

Sierra Steifman, President and Creative Director of Poppies & Posies, says, "Our style of arranging typically combines many varieties of flowers to get a lot of depth, texture, and color variation. This style will probably cost more than a more classic style, simpler color palette, or an arrangement with little variation." How much more, you might ask? Poppies & Posies' centerpieces start at $275 each, but you'll find pricing varies from florist to florist.

If you're looking to save on costs, consider renting vessels from your florist or using an inexpensive option like vintage bottles. Or, skip the vessels altogether and lay florals on a long bed of moss running down each table to create a lush centerpieces. Both Doherty and Steifman recommend topping half of the tables with an elaborate centerpiece featuring more expensive florals, then decorating the other half of tables with simpler, less expensive arrangements. Keep in mind that candles are far less expensive than flowers, so you can create amazing impact by placing tons of candles, even floating ones, around a simple floral centerpiece.


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