Here how to tell if you've been in a relationship for a really, really long time.
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When you first start dating, it's all about putting our best selves forward-picking just the right outfit, presenting perfect manners at the table, you know the deal. But now you've been together for years! It's wonderful but sometimes shocking to see how the tables can turn. Rowdy Saturday nights are replaced with Netflix and Seamless. Here are some signs that yes, you're in love and in long-term relationship, but that occasionally you resemble an old married couple.

You stay in together on the weekends.

Once upon a time, you two made reservations at great restaurants, went out dancing, or grabbed drinks with friends until the early morning hours. Now, the couch has never looked better on a Friday or Saturday night. When you're like an old married couple, #NetflixandChill is practically a given.

You don't like his clothes, and you're honest about that.

Once upon a time you tiptoed around this subject, careful not to hurt his feelings. Now he breaks out the dad-jeans and you break out laughing. At this point, you have resigned to shopping for him. Period.

Spending a Sunday doing laundry together all day is routine-and oddly fun.

Couples who are in a new relationship might spend a Friday and Saturday night partying. Come Sunday, it means bagels, Advil, and coconut water on the couch-but not for you. Calm weekends lend to even calmer Sundays spent folding laundry and housecleaning.

All your plans are with other couples.

Nothing spells old married couple like looking around and seeing everyone else is coupled up. Sure, you might catch up one-on-one with some friends, but the bulk of your plans are always in tandem with your favorite couples.

You'll diet together.

And maybe even cleanse together! The Master Cleanse is absolute misery, so why not make it more fun and do it together?

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You have a shared Google calendar.

You have friend meet-ups, family get-togethers, holiday parties, and work functions, and both of you need to be present for some or all of these things. Enter the shared Google calendar, where it becomes official: it's not just you. It's "we."


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