You would think there would be a comprehensible manual for all the things that may happen over the course of your wedded relationship, but of course, you're left on our own to realize that his cracking knuckle habit is going to drive you crazy! Check out some other married-life tidbits that no one is going to mention before you walk down the aisle.

1. Netflix, Netflix, Netflix!

Get ready for hours of debating between Breaking Bad and Chopped. "You will spend more time talking about what to watch and browsing Netflix than you will actually watching anything. Netflix is a huge part of marriage! The fact is, once you get married, every night becomes Netflix and chill … Leaving the house becomes a real struggle," says Kelly of Denver, CO.

2. People will still be mad about not getting invited to your wedding.

It should be that you dictate how your wedding is going to go down and whom you chose to invite-and we should all respect those decisions. But there will always be that person that feels slighted because they didn't get invited to your big day. "Also, no one tells you that very distant family you don't really know will throw a huge public fit on Facebook about not being invited to your small, intimate wedding when they see pictures of prime rib and lobster tail surfacing, despite not being close to you or the groom," says Kaitlynn of Brooklyn, NY.

3. Get used to his quirks.

You know that thing he does where he throws his clothes on the floor-right next to the laundry bin? That's not going away just because you both have rings on now. "The things you see him do now (while you're dating), are the things you will see him do later (when you're married)," Irene of Brooklyn, NY.

4. You don't share every interest.

Just because you've got that band on your finger doesn't mean you're going to get him to sign up for a couples SoulCycle ride. And that's okay! Everyone assumes that married life is a constant couples hangout. If he takes up bowling, don't force yourself to also join if you don't care for it!

5. The house is your safe space.

Marriage embarks on an entirely new level of comfortability. You have spent X amount of years with this person-it's safe to say that sitting at home and literally #Netflixandchilling is better than anything that could possibly happen outside. "You will want to bail on every other social commitment you have, together or separately," explains Kelly.

6. You're not just a wife.

Just because ring symbolizes your commitment to marriage doesn't mean you're not going to be taking on multiple roles. Stock up on your ace bandages! "You'll become a wife, maybe a mother, and definitely a nurse," says Shelley of New York City.

7. You will sometimes go to bed mad.

The idea that you and your partner will always work things out before you go to sleep is unrealistic. Sometimes we do actually need to sleep on our issues so that we can properly articulate how we feel the next day … and having that discussion when you're already super angry won't result in anything positive.

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8. You will have doubts.

The same way you had doubts about purchasing your car or going to the right college or picking the career best for you, you're going to have a moment(s) where you lie awake at night and wonder if this is the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. You're only human, lady. Jasmine and Aladdin spend most of their courting doubting they are right for each other-and look how good they turned out!

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9. All conversations will happen in the bathroom.

We bet you didn't think you'd be spending this much time with your husband while peeing. Yeah well, we all have a ton of stuff to do and sometimes you have to chat about what to make for dinner while brushing your teeth together. Want an even better idea: "Have important discussions in the shower!" explains Shelley.

10. You won't always be on the same page.

"Just because you're married doesn't mean you'll stay in sync. Everybody talks about how you two are a single unit now, a team. It's easy to feel like you'll always be on the same page when you're young and falling in love and planning your life together, but have patience with and compassion for one another as you find yourselves growing at different rates in different areas of your individual lives," says Mallory of Nashville, TN.


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