Their answers will help you choose the coverage that's right for your day.
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Videography is one of those wedding expenses that many people say they can do without, yet those couples who do hire a videographer always rave about how happy they are to have that additional coverage. While your wedding photographer will certainly capture important moments from the day, there's just nothing like watching it all on video, too. If you decide you have the budget for a videographer, here are a handful of questions to ask the vendors you meet with.

What will the sound setup be?

Depending on the videographer, you could have a boom mic hanging above your face throughout the day, a standard microphone set up during the ceremony, or a clip-on mic affixed to your attire. Have a chat with all prospective videographers about how they capture sound and what the quality of sound is like. It's also good to give them an idea of what you'd like captured on mic so they can tell you whether or not it's possible.

How many cameras will be on us?

The number of cameras and video cameras that will be in your face on your wedding day is an important thing to consider, as it can become overwhelming. Most photographers and videographers work with assistants and/or second shooters, so you'll want to keep this in mind when booking.

How long will it be before we get a wedding video?

Depending on the time of year and busy schedule of your videographer, this could vary greatly. Be sure to get an idea upfront and ask again after booking so that you can have a realistic expectation of when you'll receive the edited video.

What music will be used in our wedding video?

Most videographers will ask you to select the music for your video reel, but some may select a song based on their experience of your wedding day. If you're particular about the tunes, make sure to discuss this before signing a contract.

How long will our wedding video be?

The majority of wedding videographers will offer a few different wedding-day coverage options at different costs. Some will offer a highlight reel that's under five minutes, a longer cinematic cut that's 20 or more minutes, or a bulk batch of raw footage (unlikely in this day and age). You'll want to chat about this prior to hiring your videographer; you don't want to be under the impression that you're receiving a video of your full ceremony only to actually end up with just the highlights.


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