A wedding planner provides her expert advice.
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Most couples work on their wedding guest list early in the planning process. This allows them to make a realistic budget, choose the right size venue, and put together a vendor team accordingly, and to send out their save-the-dates in a timely manner. On some occasions, a few additional guests may make it onto the guest list over the course of the following months of planning, and there may be a few more invitations sent than there were save-the-dates. Here, we address the question of whether any vendors should be added to that invitation list, and we ask a wedding planner to weigh in on the quandary.

Are there any circumstances in which you might recommend a couple invite a vendor to their reception?

Wedding planner and designer Jessica Sloane says, "If a vendor would be on the guest list prior to being hired as a vendor, or if they've gotten really close to the vendor during their wedding planning process, yes. This would only be appropriate for vendors who don't need to be working during the wedding. I've seen this happen with a florist, for example."

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Vendors

Your ceremony and cocktail hour vendors include the band, officiant, and a small part of the catering team. While it's not necessary to invite any of these vendors to your reception, it's also not uncommon to let the band know they're welcome to grab a drink during cocktail hour if they're finished working. As well, many couples choose to work with officiants who are part of their social circle outside their wedding, in which case it's a nice gesture to invite them to the reception.

When it's appropriate to send an invitation to a vendor.

While you may feel close with the team you've assembled to create your wedding vision, they would never expect to be invited to your wedding as a guest. If, however, you've established such a friendship by the end of your wedding that you'd like to invite them to your birthday party, business launch, or some other celebratory event, there's no reason not to.


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