Credit: Raymond Hom

Instead of using table numbers, give each table a different tablecloth pattern, and the patterns become the table-assignment designators. Or tweak the idea a little by substituting scrapbooking paper for fabric, making it easier for the sewing-averse. The scrapbooking paper can be used as place mats or turned into runners for your tables.

Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts Stores are great resources.


1. To make the flags, cut paper into 6 1/2-by-1 3/4-inch rectangles. With a glue stick, cover the underside of each rectangle with glue, and fold over a toothpick ($10 for 2,000, Pick on Us). Press down firmly, and cut a notch at the ends. Print guest names, and cut into mini labels. Glue the name labels onto the flags.


2. To make the tiered stand, buy 1/2-inch foam board ($3.66 for a 20-by-30-inch sheet, Pearl Paint). Cut into 12-inch, 9-inch, 6-inch, and 3-inch widths (they can be as long as your display area). Starting with the bottom tier, stack them from widest to thinnest, aligning on the back edge; then glue.


3. Cut bulletin borders, the kind teachers use, to fit the sides of each level, and glue them with a tape stamper ($8.99, by Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels; bulletin borders, $2.99 for 12, Teaching Stuff).

4. Stick escort flags into the foam board, and set out the display.


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