The essential prewedding appointments to make you look and feel beautiful.

You've got the dress, the perfect pair of shoes, and a chic keepsake clutch. It's weeks before the wedding and you're ready to be a bride. But wait! What about things like your face and nails? They're part of your look too and should be as stunning as your ballgown. When you walk down the aisle, guests will gasp, "What a beauty!" Here are some treatments to help you feel like your most glowing, bright-eyed self before, during, and after all of your wedding celebrations.

Wedding Day Beauty


If you regularly get facials, be sure to chat with your aesthetician about timing. It's usually not recommended to do any treatments that could irritate the skin in the four to five days leading up to your wedding day; more than a week ahead would be a safer bet since any skin irritations have time to heal. It's also not the time to experiment with new treatments, to avoid a reaction that leaves you looking as puffy, splotchy, or red.

Waxing and Threading

Like facials, these treatments could leave your skin looking and feeling irritated. If you've done them before, you probably know how long it takes for any redness to dissipate and how quickly your hair usually starts growing back, so you'll want to schedule accordingly, at least two to five days prior to any hosted events.


Depending on the length and shape of your natural lashes, your best option may be to use individual false lashes on the day of the wedding. Otherwise, book an appointment with a lash extension specialist. Since most extensions last about four to six weeks, you can get them done the week prior to your wedding.


A manicure and pedicure appointment is a no-brainer for most brides. Get your nails done as close as possible to the first wedding get-together, like the rehearsal dinner, so you have beautiful hands and feet at every event without rocking chipped nails by the wedding day. Plan your colors in advance and bring them with you to the appointment to be sure you walk out with the look you intended.


If you're not a spray tan, bronzer, self-tanning lotion, or airbrush type of girl, now is not the time to start. You don't want is to look back on your wedding photos and think your coloring looks "off." If tanned skin is your usual look, though, chat with your salon about when to schedule these appointments.


Getting a massage a few days before the wedding will help relax you during what's sure to be a hectic week. But also consider making a reservation for a full body massage and/or body wrap at the start of your honeymoon. You'll be surprised how sore your body will be from all the greeting, standing, and dancing in heels you did at your wedding.


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