These lip-syncing brides and grooms take karaoke to a whole new level.
Credit: Marryokes via Youtube

Turns out, sentimental, heartfelt, and teary-eyed wedding video testimonials are so yesterday. That is, according to Ireland-based wedding videographers Katie and Billy May of Marryokes. The founders of the modern wedding video service promise humor-filled lip-sync sessions alongside "regular" footage for their clients-and based on the fact that their weddings have gone viral, we're guessing they don't disappoint.

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Just take these newlyweds, Rebecca McVeigh and Matt Richards, who've been shared across the internet for their wedding cover of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero."

"Why say it when you can sing it! Well, lip sync it," McVeigh told ABC News. "We wanted our day to be full of joy and fun for everyone there. This felt like a hilarious way to capture that with our friends."

The video is jam-packed with giggle-worthy clips of attendees singing and dancing their way through the ceremony and reception, plus the bride and groom pairing up for a duet.

As for the song selection? "That's the toughest part," McVeigh shared. "However, as any karaoke fan will tell you, you can't beat a power ballad. And nobody does a power ballad quite like Bonnie Tyler. It's all about the '80s air grab: the dramatic move where you grab the air, close your fist, and bring it towards you like in lots of '80s pop videos."

There you have it. If you're so over sappy, you and your guests better start practicing your sing-along skills, stat. And, like these viral marrieds, be sure to a pick a song that you can really jam out to.


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