Her blog is read daily by a growing cult of loyal fans who can't get enough of her chic fashion sensibility, lifestyle tips, and adorable French bulldog (the Margo in Margo & Me), but Jenny Bernheim has another project that we are also looking forward to following: her wedding. She will be joining us over the next six months as she prepares for her walk down the aisle, starting here with how it all began—the proposal.

Hello beautiful brides-to-be! My name is Jenny Bernheim (well, soon to be Cipoletti), and I am the voice and face behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Margo & Me-a little corner of the Internet that got its start by featuring my daily sartorial stylings. Through the years it's morphed into a destination for even more, including décor tips, jet-setting diaries, and now with my recent engagement, aisle style! I am a self-confessed Francophile obsessed with the über feminine, playfully chic side of life, and with each blog entry I write, I aim to inspire you with elevated yet approachable style.


As I count the days until the big "I do," there are first a few things I have to share with you. To begin, I've teamed up with Martha Stewart Weddings as a guest bridal blogger to take you inside my planning process-from registry how-tos to where to find the perfect shoes-in hopes to inspire yours.


Before I go on, there's one person you must meet: my better half, Mr. Freddie Cipoletti. Not only are we partners in life, but we also work hand in hand as he is the one behind the camera capturing the exquisite, editorial-worthy moments you will discover week after week on Margo & Me. We are both hopeless romantics at heart, which is probably how we found each other.

That moment was half a decade ago, involving just one glance that we shared among a sea of strangers. We were both out with our friends in Los Angeles when he approached me and introduced himself-I can still remember what he was wearing and his shaggy hair at the time. He says he knew he had to speak to me the moment he saw me, and it wasn't until he did that I realized I was looking into the eyes of my future husband. A few weeks of texting and lengthy phone dates later, he asked me on a proper date: dinner and a movie. It was the point of no return for both of us, and we've been inseparable since. It was as if our souls spotted each other that night in January and both thought, "Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you."

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Dinner and a movie is still one of our favorite things to do together when we are in L.A., but more recently, blogging has taken us around the world on some pretty crazy adventures. Last year, we went to Paris for the first time together, though we had both been when we were young. Being in that city with a loved one is so different. We had 14 days to explore, and explore we did! I always joke that it's a good thing we feel equally in love with the city-can you imagine if one of us hated it? The food, the culture, the architecture, I could go on and on about the things we love! On the fourth day of our trip, Freddie suggested a picnic in a park, Jardin du Palais Royal, which is known for its picturesque rows of trees and manicured rose gardens and that we hadn't yet visited. We grabbed two jambon beurres (ham and butter sandwiches, which are so French!) and a bottle of rosé and started our stroll in the direction of Le Marais. We took our time with lunch, nestled under the trees on a bench. I sensed he was excited, but I wasn't sure why.


As we strolled around the park one last time before leaving, we stopped to take in our surroundings. It was then that he hugged and held me for a minute and then went down on his knee. I still get teary-eyed writing about it. I couldn't stand there, so I went to my knee just seconds after he went to his.

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Little did I know, he had invited one of my favorite photographers, whom I discovered on Instagram, to hide and capture every moment. And I am so glad he did because now I can share that special moment with you, too.


For all things #JenFredWed2015, follow along on Instagram @MargoandMe #margoandmeandmartha and check back here for more insight and inspiration as I plan for our big day!


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