Provide tasteful entertainment and receive a tangible memento from your big day.
wedding painter

Live event painting is a fairly new idea, though it has all the makings of a timeless wedding tradition. Here, four artists discuss the upsides to immortalizing your wedding on canvas.

Think of it as an heirloom.

"In an age where every guest is taking and posting photos, there's something so timeless about having just one painting that captures all your favorite elements of the day," says Katherine Gressel of Event Painting by Katherine. The true beauty of live event painting is that it provides the couple with a unique reminder of their day that they will treasure forever. While Gressel points out that a painting is not meant to replace a photographer or videographer, she says that it can add "something truly one-of-a-kind to not only be enjoyed by guests during the party, but to be displayed as an heirloom in your home for years to come."

Be prepared to work with the artist.

Before the event, it's important to have a detailed conversation with the artist to go over logistics and discuss your preferences. "Even though it's a live painting, we encourage couples to commission an artist whose style they really love, connect with emotionally, and can ultimately envision hanging in their home after the wedding," says Ben Keys of Wed on Canvas. When it comes to picking the specific moment you want captured, there are a number of different choices. "I start with suggesting some popular options like the first dance or a ceremony painting," says Erika Angeli of Erika Event Painting. "Fun dance poses are also great to incorporate into the composition. If a couple is looking for something a little different, I then suggest the reception entrance or even a cake cutting scene."

It's another form of entertainment for guests.

The other main draw, aside from the keepsake, is that the painter provides entertainment for your guests. Your friends and family will love watching the party be transformed into a work of art before their eyes. "I usually set up in an area that guests can frequently check out the progress, ask me questions, and see the painting develop," says Dan Angeli of Captured on Canvas. "People are floored by the end of the night with how it comes together from a blank canvas."

You can use the print as a personalized thank-you card.

You'll get to enjoy the finished product hanging in your home, but your guests may also want to see the final scene. Share the finished painting with guests in the form of printed thank-you notes. "Prints of the painting for parents and even grandparents have become very popular and make for great gifts after the wedding," adds Keys.


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