Credit: Jay Zuckerkorn

Don't feel like you have to pile on layers and layers of makeup to look extraordinary on your wedding day -- especially if you don't normally wear much on your face. Foundation and concealer applied only where you need them help perfect your skin and give your eye shadow and blush something to adhere to. You may forgo one of these if you're lucky enough to have a clear complexion or an even skin tone. A light dusting of powder will set your makeup for the entire day or give bare skin a finished look.


Choose a sheer liquid or a drier, more opaque cream, depending on the amount of coverage you require; the color should match your skin tone. Apply in thin layers to minimize blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, broken capillaries around the nose, and the crease of the chin.


From sheerest to fullest coverage, formulas include tinted moisturizers, liquids, creams, and powders. Match the shade to your skin tone and be aware that a color purchased in winter may not match a tanned summer complexion. Apply lightly over areas that need evening out.


Use loose powder for setting makeup and pressed (which is easy to slip into a makeup bag) for touch-ups. Translucent varieties provide an invisible finish. Don't rely on powder to blot shine. It can build up, creating a flat, mottled appearance. Use blotting paper instead.


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