Dreaming of a flawless wedding hairstyle? You'll want to read this first.
Blow Dry Hair

You probably know not to get that crazy new perm the morning of the wedding, but there are still a ton of hair mistakes you can make if you time them too close to the big day!

Don't overly process your hair within one year of your wedding.

Trends come and go, but memories are forever. "I would avoid being experimental and doing anything such as [dying your hair] pastel or platinum blonde, which can take years to undo," says Lorean Cairns, cofounder and creative director of Fox & Jane Salon in New York City. Damaged hair will not photograph well.

Make sure your haircut aligns with your day-of style.

Just as you want your shoes to work with your dress, your haircut should work with your wedding-day style. "For example, if you want to wear an updo, make sure you avoid a cut with too many face-framing layers that would not fit securely into your updo," says Kelsey Triebes of George the Salon Chicago.

Don't book your consultation too close to your wedding date.

Give yourself plenty of time to have your hairstylist experiment with bridal looks. "I suggest booking your hair consultation and trial at least two months prior to your big day," says Maile Pacheco, founder of beGlammed, which arranges at-home visits by hair stylists and makeup artists. The two-month window will provide adequate time to find the right stylist and try different styles until you land on the picture-perfect look.

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Don't color or cut your hair less than two weeks before the wedding.

Hair dye typically takes about two weeks to settle in with your natural oils. It's best to touch up your roots and get color about two to three weeks before getting married, says Pacheco. (If you plan to color and trim your hair, be sure to also color and trim your hair extensions.) Also, "don't get your hair cut within two weeks of your wedding," recommends Philip Wolff, celebrity stylist, co-owner of Shades Salon in Beverly Hills, and artistic director for Peter Coppola Beauty. "It needs that time to drop down and settle in, but it will still look fresh."

Don't neglect your hair.

Maximize your hair strength, texture, and shine by giving your locks some love a few days prior to your wedding. Hair masks can moisturize dry hair, illuminate shine, and intensify your hair color, says Pacheco.

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Don't overheat your hair.

With all the bridal occasions leading up to your special day, like your bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner, you'll want to look your best and may be tempted to apply heat to your hair to style it. Don't do it if it's close to your wedding day. "Hot tools, like a flat iron, curling iron, and blow dryer, can actually dull your hair and damage your ends," says Pacheco. "So cool it with the heat! Also, avoid using too much product in your hair during your wedding week. Product can build up over time and weigh your hair down or cause it to look greasy or oily."

Don't wash your hair the morning of your wedding.

Unless your stylist advises you otherwise, do not wash your hair the morning of your wedding day, especially if you'll be wearing an updo. "Hairstyles, specifically updos, hold best with day-old hair," explains Pacheco. "If your hair is too clean, it may not hold a curl and can be resistant to hot tools. Wash your hair the night before your wedding to prep for the next day."

Don't forget to do a practice session.

It's important to arrange a hair trial with your stylist before they do your wedding hair, so you can test out different looks and figure out what's best. "If they aren't the same person, make sure your regular hairdresser and the hairdresser who is styling your locks for your wedding are talking and in sync at least three months before your wedding," says Wolff. "For example, if you're wearing your hair up, your wedding hairdresser needs hair to play with and your regular hairdresser needs to know that."

Don't make any drastic changes.

Don't stray too far from your current color or chop off too much of your hair. You may be the bride but you still want to look like yourself on your wedding day.

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