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Your honeymoon may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience-but there's no need to pack any differently for it than you would any other vacation. (Well, you may want to slip in some extra lingerie.) These tips will stay with you long after you get home from your post-wedding getaway.

Your Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist

1. Be Strategic

There are many philosophies for packing clothes. Do you roll? Do you fold? We support a combination of both, strategically layered in your suitcase. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

2. Think Ahead

Preload your iPad or other mobile device with reading material so you don't have to lug your favorite magazines or books around. We highly recommend Texture-it's like the Netflix of magazines.

3. Pack a Tote

Put a soft, foldable tote bag in your suitcase for any souvenirs you may buy. This means you won't have to save space in your actual suitcase-and you can go ahead and bring that extra pair of heels.

4. Get Organized

It helps to keep your clothes organized by type (short sleeve, pants, undergarments)-especially when traveling to multiple destinations, which requires constant packing and unpacking. These will do the trick: the mesh lets you see inside and helps everything breathe, and all of your clothes will stay folded even as your bags get tossed around.

5. Don't Forget Your Gadgets

There's no denying we live in a digital world-and packing the right gadgets is key. Martha Stewart Weddings Real Weddings Editor Shira Savada has a few favorites, including ear phone splitters, a portable power bank ("if you juice up before you hit the road, then you don't have to fight over power outlets at the airport gate"), noise-cancelling headphones plus spare earbuds ("if you want to catch some zzzzs"), and a 10-foot-long phone charger. And if you're road-tripping and using your phone as a navigation tool, Savada advises packing a USB car charger like this one. "Even though new cars have them, it's not a guarantee," she says. Also recommended: this universal adapter from Flight 001.

6. Be Savvy with Space

When Martha Stewart Weddings Senior Fashion and Market Editor Jessica King packs for a trip, she always rolls her clothes and stuffs her shoes with socks and underwear. "I also stuff my hats with clothes to maintain their shape," she says.

Looking to save room? Do as Copy Editor Frances Vigna does and wear your bulkiest clothes on the plane-not to mention your running shoes (even though they may not be the most stylish).

7. Think Beyond the Suitcase

Martha Stewart Weddings Beauty & Lifestyle Director Melissa Milrad Goldstein recommends the LeSportsac rectangular train case, which has two zippered compartments. "I keep prescriptions, contacts, and hair bands on the top, and virtually everything else-from shampoo to skin cream-in the bottom," she says. "No matter how many things I cram in there, it always zips up. And the lining makes it easy to clean should you have any spills."

Another favorite of Melissa's: this neoprene sleeve for curling and flat irons. "It's great for when you don't have time for your tool to cool down before packing and running out the door to catch your flight," she says.

And Editor-in-Chief Amy Conway can't live without a medium-sized cross-body purse, especially when visiting a big city or an amusement park like Disney. "It leaves your hands free for taking pictures and eating," she says. "And having lots of pockets means you can keep any tickets or papers in their own easy-to-reach spot." Her current pick: an MZ Wallace bag like this one.

8. Prepare for the Worst

Lost luggage happens, which is what Martha Stewart Weddings Digital Director Jennifer Cress keeps in mind while packing: "If I'm checking any luggage, I always bring two outfits (one for daytime sightseeing and another for a nice dinner), plus pajamas, a bathing suit, and extra toiletries, in my carry-on bag-just in case my luggage doesn't make it to my destination!"


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