Get a healthy glow (and feel incredible) in time for your wedding day.

By Elizabeth Swanson
May 10, 2019

Trying to keep up with all of the latest trendy health ingredients can get overwhelming. One day it's ashwagandha, the next cordyceps, and then there's schisandra berry, as well as a variety of other things we cannot pronounce (no less spell). But when you're prepping for a wedding, there's an easier way to get great energy and glowing skin: It's called going back to the basics. Think leafy greens, fruits, healthy fats, wild fish, and organic, free range meats. Along with that, there are a few amazing, super healthy ingredients that will help you glow like no other-and you probably already have them in your fridge or pantry.


"Lemons are a powerful fruit that can make your complexion look radiant, and they should be part of your morning routine (at least) in the form of liver-cleansing hot water with lemon," says celeb nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. "Lemons are filled with flavor and provide a blast of vitamin C and enzymes to your diet, which lead to fewer wrinkles, refreshed skin, and improved digestion."


Great gut health is important for glowing skin and high energy, and ginger is one of the best natural ways to improve digestion. Drink a few cups of ginger tea with lemon and honey. And, better yet, drink it instead of caffeinated beverages to reduce stress.

Celery Juice

Earth Tu Face founder Sarah Buscho drank this when she was prepping for her wedding. "It gently detoxes and strengthens your entire digestive system. I have noticed I have more energy," she says. Just put one cup of water in a juicer with a whole heart of organic celery, or use a blender and strain out the pulp with a cheese cloth.


"Cucumbers are water-rich, so they're hydrating and offer an immediate and obvious benefit," says Snyder. "However, that water is also enzyme-charged and has B vitamins electrolytes, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium to help you feel and look your best. In addition, the silica in cucumbers gives your skin a boost to make it glow (and shiny hair to boot, another fantastic bonus!) and the vitamin C and caffeic acid in the flesh are soothing and brighten your complexion."


Cinnamon is a powerful spice. It's anti-inflammatory, thought to lower blood sugar levels, and contains tons of antioxidants. Not to mention the fact that it adds a sugar-free sweetness to snacks like apples. Add peanut butter, too, for a perfect midday pick-me-up.


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