Who Should Walk the Mother of the Bride Down the Aisle?

As it turns out, she has a few different options.

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First row, left side: During a Christian wedding ceremony, the bride's mom owns that particular piece of real estate. But how does she get there? She can certainly find her way to her seat on her own but it's traditional for a male relative or friend walk her. Since the bride's father will be busy walking his daughter down the aisle, whose arm does she take? As it turns out, there are a number of different options.

A Groomsman

This is the traditional choice and gives the guy another few moments in the spotlight. If the bride has a stepmother, she would be escorted to her seat by a groomsman before the mother of the bride; the bride's mom should be the last person to be escorted down the aisle, just before the bridal party.

Her Son

He doesn't have to be an adult—a willing teen or preteen will do. Whatever the son's age, imagine the guests' delight when they see this heartwarming duo walking down the aisle, arm in arm.

Her Brother

Another good choice? The mother of the bride's brother. Just like he could give away the bride if her father can't, Mom's brother can escort his sister to her seat. Giving even a small role to someone not normally associated with weddings is a sweet gesture.

The Father of the Bride

Wait, isn't he busy escorting the bride down the aisle? Yes and no. In the minutes preceding him walking the bride, the father of the bride can do double duty by first walking the mother of the bride (if he's still her husband; if not, awkward!) to her seat then scoot back to perform his dad duties.

The Bride

In traditional Jewish ceremonies, the mother of the bride gets equal aisle time with the father of the bride by walking as a threesome. It's a lovely tradition that anyone who's not Jewish can borrow, too.

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