Bachelorette Party Games and Activities for Letting Loose with Your Bridesmaids

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Press pause on wedding planning! These fun bachelorette party games (and activities) are the best way for the bride to unwind with her friends.

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Put the bride-to-be's wedding planning on pause: It's time to help her to unwind with her best friends. As the hostess of her bachelorette party, it's your job to make sure she (and everyone else invited) is fully entertained (read: distracted from big-day stress). Depending on the woman of honor, that might mean something as simple as kicking back and relaxing with some casual pastimes, or as over-the-top as a going on a full-blown adventure. Whatever the case, if you're searching for bachelorette party ideas, you've come to the right place. Here, we've listed out a handful of fun games and activities that will ensure everyone has the best time ever at the bachelorette party.

Maybe you're after a bachelorette party game that's totally classy. We've got you covered. If naughty bachelorette party games are more up your bride-to-be's alley, you'll find them here, too. Whether you're set on going out drinking or gathering the girls at home, there's a way to include a little competition in your itinerary. For something super easy, you can even try one of our free, printable templates. Alternatively, you can focus less on rules and prizes and more on other things to do. We've included recommendations for nature-loving, fitness-loving, and food-loving crews alike. These activities are good enough to base your entire party off of, but they can also be wiggled into an event with a separate theme.

Let the following bachelorette party game ideas and activity suggestions inspire you. No matter which one you bust out for your bash, your entire group is bound to be delighted.

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bachelorette party activities first mate photo
First Mate Photo

Fill a piñata with anything you like, from party favors to love notes to the bride-to-be. The premise is simple: Whoever cracks it open wins. Pollen designed this chic one, which was stuffed with flower petals.

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Pin the Kiss

bachelorette party activities connie whitlock 01
Connie Whitlock

This A Vintage Affair game was just one of many renditions of the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Personalize yours for a whole lot of laughs (these girls tried to pin kisses on a Ryan Gosling lips).

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party games favors
Alissa Noelle Photography

See who knows the bride best with a quiz about her, her relationship, or both. Twink + Sis came up with this one and ordered accompanying stationery from Paper Source.

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bachelorette party activities misty mclendon
Misty McLendon Photography

Sing your hearts out with karaoke. We recommend a playlist of love songs.

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Giant Games

bachelorette party ideas valorie darling
Valorie Darling Photography

Giant games aren't just entertaining—they double as fun décor. This Jenga-style one was rented from Joymode.

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Tarot Cards

bachelorette party activities heidi toevs
Heidi Toevs

Vino Fiore Events had the genius idea of stocking this party with tarot cards.

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Workout Class

bachelorette party activities katherine henry
Katherine Henry Boudoir

Let the endorphins flow with a group fitness class ahead of a busy night out.

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Card Game

bachelorette party activities austin gros
Austin Gros

Play a round (or ten!) of your favorite card game for some casual fun.

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DIY Milkshakes

bachelorette party activities trish woodford photography
Trish Woodford Photography

Forget waiting in a long line at one of those crazy milkshake shops. Bring the attraction to you and concoct your own decadent desserts!

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bachelorette party activities omalley photographers
O'Malley Photographers

Book a henna artist for beautiful, drawn-on accessories.

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bachelorette party activities bam cocreate
BaM Co-Create

Create a custom game of bingo to play as you enjoy other activities. These girls checked off items from a From Pixels, to Quill booklet.

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Boat Ride

bachelorette party activities kim payant
Kim Payant Photography

Soak in some nature with a scenic boat ride.

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Whiskey Tasting

bachelorette party activities milou and olin
Milou + Olin Photography

A spirit-loving bride will appreciate this boozy idea. Why not have everyone bring a bottle and let guests pick their favorite? Make things official with custom tasting cards, like these Moochie Creative ones.

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Flower Arranging

bachelorette party activities penelope photos
Penelope Photos

Chlorofilli provided the blooms for this fun activity: a flower arranging station.

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Forbidden Words

bachelorette party activities connie whitlock 02
Connie Whitlock

A Vintage Affair devised this fun game, which encouraged attendees to talk about something other than the big day. Everyone received a pin, but if someone said a forbidden word ("bride" or "wedding") someone else could steal theirs from them. The winner was the guest with the most pins at the end.

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Roller Blading

bachelorette party activities chellise michael
Chellise Michael Photography

Test your roller blading skills with a day at the rink (or in someone's driveway—the venue doesn't really matter).

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Fruit Picking

bachelorette party activities sawyer baird
Sawyer Baird

What you pick will depend on the season, but apples are a classic choice for fall. Bonus points if you return home and bake or cook together with your bounty.

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bachelorette party activities chelsea erwin
Chelsea Erwin

Up the class factor with this timeless lawn game.

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Juice Making

bachelorette party activities love hunters
Love Hunters

If the bride lives off healthy juices, teach her to make her own. Off the Vine hosted this interactive class.

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Photo Booth

bachelorette party activities madison short
Madison Short

At this celebration, attendees took snapshots inside a Blue Photo Bus rental. Guest won't want to leave your photo booth if its anywhere near this chic.

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Mad Libs-Style Game

Ryan Liebe

Generate silly sentiments that double as drinking coasters. Our editable designs include ideas to get you started, but you can also come up with your own phrases for added fun. Whoever comes up with the most hilarious sentences about the bachelorette wins.

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Scavenger Hunt

Taylor Gage Photography

Send the girls off in search of a few choice treasures, either hidden ahead of time or gathered from nature, neighbors, or bars and restaurants. Steal our list of items, or feel free to switch it up to fit the tone of the gathering.

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Guess the Giver


Make a game out of gift-giving. Each lady purchases lingerie for the guest of honor, then the bachelorette of honor guesses who it's from based on the style or wrapping.

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Take a Shot

Louis Delavenne | revolutionpix

For a less, shall we say, intimate variation of "Guess the Giver," ask each dame to decorate and bring a bottle of wine or liquor, then have the bride-to-be take a shot (ahem, a guess!) at who supplied it.

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True or False

Ashley Maxwell Photography

Hand out pencils and slips of paper, and have guests sit together in a circle. Ask each person to think of three facts or anecdotes that describe her relationship with the bride or memories of the bride and groom—two true and one not. Have each guest tell her stories, from the mundane to the provocative (while trying to keep a straight face). The others write down which statements they think are false. The guest who identifies the most tall tales, wins.

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Write-Your-Own Romance Novel


Collectively pen a love story about the soon-to-be newlyweds, inspired by the cheesy paperbacks found in grocery store aisles. Pass around a piece of paper with a starter sentence at the top. Each bachelorette guest should look at the last line, add another, then fold it over so that only their phrase is visible for the next person to follow, and so on. Read the masterpiece aloud at the end and see if it took any interesting detours.

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Never Have I Ever

Yayo Ahumada

Print out props for our take on this classic drinking game. Each girl gets a paint paddle stirrer sandwiched between two signs reading "I have" and "I have not." With a drink in hand, and the paddle in the other, take turns making a personal confession, such as: "Never have I ever … made out in public." In response, the rest of the revelers must hold up their response. If someone in the group has done what the speaker hasn't, she must take a sip of her drink. (And she may be asked to relay her story!)

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Cootie Catcher

Johnny Miller

Get the gals talking (and toasting and laughing) with our spin on the childhood favorite. To play, assign someone based on the top options (Bride, Your Choice, Everyone, or Bride's Choice), and spell the name of the person chosen (or the word "everyone") as you move flaps in and out and side to side in coordination with the letters. Then, ask the chosen person to pick a number and move the flaps as you count. Finally, have her pick a number and open the fortune-teller to reveal one of the following tasks:

Do a dance.

Get someone's phone number.

Snap a selfie with a stranger.

Share an embarrassing story!

Serenade someone. (Group picks the song and the muse.)

Choose: Truth or dare?

Kiss someone.

Take a drink!

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