This look offers face-framing control and lush fullness at the same time, especially for thick, textured hair. With a curling iron, New York City stylist Sarah Potempa refined several spirals, then gathered hair into a thick braid in back and secured with two crisscrossed bobby pins before taming errant strands.
Credit: Tamara Schlesinger


  • Curling iron
  • Bobby pins
  • Smoothing crème


  1. Perfect any unruly curls by twisting errant strands around a curling iron.
  2. For this half-up, half-down look, section out pieces of hair from each side of the head.
  3. Begin braiding each section into a thick braid as it's being pulled back. When the two braids meet in the middle, combine hair to create one braid down to the ends. Secure the braid in the center with two bobby pins in an "X" shape. Put any stray hairs into smaller detail braids.
  4. Maintain curls with a finishing touch of smoothing crème.


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