Here's how to know if the groom should splurge on one-of-a-kind attire.
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There may not be a hit reality show called Say Yes to the Tux, but there probably could be. With so many incredible style options out there-and so many grooms looking for a unique, personalized big-day look-more attention than ever is being paid to the guys' wedding attire. Even so, it's easy to understand why a groom may be hesitant to commit to the custom tuxedo experience. Is it worth the money? Will he ever wear it again? To find out when custom attire is really worth it, we spoke with Alexandria Cross, clothier at Enzo Custom in New York City, to make the case.

You really care about getting the perfect fit.

This one's a no-brainer, but the fit of a custom tux is like no other. "Custom clothing moves with you," explains Cross. "If the photographer counts to three and has everyone to jump in the air, you don't want to be worried about whether or not you'll land with your pants intact." Egregious wardrobe malfunctions aside, wearing a tuxedo that was quite literally made for you ensures you'll look good from every angle.

You really know your style.

Rather than trying to find a ready-made tuxedo that somehow matches your event's overall vibe, your personal style goals, and the formality of your bride's wedding dress, think about building it yourself (and with the help of a great tailor, of course). "Custom streamlines this process and gives you full freedom to get what you actually want," Cross adds.

You're willing to invest.

While it's true a custom tux will run you more than a rented one, Cross urges men to think of cost not in terms of dollars, but it terms of time. "Think of the time you spend pre-shopping, shopping, waiting for a sale, trying on, ordering your size, trying it on again, getting it altered, getting it altered again…there is an undeniable value and ease to getting a garment fitted for you from the beginning," she says. Plus, now that you own a tuxedo that was made to suit your style and body, odds are you'll find there are plenty of opportunities to show it off-without wasting a moment wondering what to wear.


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