These Will Be the Most Popular Bridesmaids' Dress Colors in 2019, According to the Experts

A new year calls for new color palettes.

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When it comes to choosing new bridesmaids' dress colors, designers take a number of factors into account. The trends they notice on the ready-to-wear runways are one key piece of the picture, but the other part is what they notice women wearing each day. "On the runways, we are seeing ultra-light pinks, citrus hues, and pops of bold primary colors," says designer Jenny Yoo. "These will take time to reach the bridesmaid consumer, but will be exciting to see for the more adventurous bride." Of course, seasonality plays a major role in what color(s) a bride may choose for her bridesmaid, but here are the palettes the experts see trending for 2019 weddings so far.


It doesn't look like this light, dusty color is going anywhere. Yoo forecasts that both blush and floral tones utilizing blush hues will continue to trend in 2019. "The color looks great across a variety of skin tones and lends itself to a soft romantic palette where your bouquets will pop against the soft hue," she says. "We recommend pairing with other pink hues or a playful print to add depth to your wedding party."

Whisper Blue

Just as soft pink continues to inspire the bridal industry, soft blue will do the same in 2019. One of Yoo's best-performing colors in recent months, and what she expects to come out on top in the new year, is whisper blue. "It's a new light blue that is defined by a clean and crisp airiness that is refreshing and lends itself to a variety of settings and seasons," she explains. "This color is ideal for refined and modern styling."

Dynamic Green

While emerald might have been supremely popular a few years ago, the new green hues catching the eyes of brides are deeper and more dynamic, explains Lori Conley, divisional merchandise manager at David's Bridal. "Brides are starting to favor more greenery in their décor, including their color choice for bridesmaids' dresses."

Whipped Apricot

Especially stunning for fall weddings, this peachy-blush hue is gaining popularity for 2019 bridesmaids' dresses. "Whipped apricot can range in a variety of hues, which is what makes it special-it can be soft pink with hints of a purple rose or with grey undertones that make it beautifully sophisticated," Yoo explains. "We offer this color in many of our popular fabrications, making it is easy to mix and match among numerous styles." She adds that its versatility can add a softness to any luxe wedding.


If the ever-popular wine-colored bridesmaids' gown and the equally admired blush-hued iteration had a baby, we imagine it would look much like this dusty, quartz tone we're seeing show up on the bridal runways. According to Conley, this quartz-like mauve tone is perfect for a bride looking for a soft and romantic color palette. For women looking to take a mismatched approach to their attendant's attire, this color can stand in the middle of both darker and lighter hues.

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