It really depends on the rules at your particular venue.
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If you're getting married in a church, one of the things you'll need to determine is what type of music you're allowed to play, or if they'll allow you to customize the options at all. To understand the rules at these traditional venues, we asked Kristen Spear of Soirée Productions for a little insight on musical selections for a church wedding ceremony.

At a traditional church...

If you've chosen a more traditional church as your ceremony venue, there will likely be limitations on what kind of music you can play, but that doesn't mean you won't have options. Although there's a good chance you won't be allowed to walk down the aisle to your favorite pop song, you'll probably be allowed to pick from the classics. "For a church wedding, some of my favorite are classic pieces that make a big statement. 'Trumpet Voluntary' by Clarke or 'Trumpet Tune' by Purcell are two options I love," says Spear. "When you have a large hall, you need a big song to fill the expansive space."

At a modern church...

You'll find that most modern churches are able to be a little more flexible about music. For more intimate chapels or more modern churches, you can't go wrong with something simple and romantic. "I think an instrumental version of a current song, like 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perry, is perfect," says Spear. "Many modern songs now have string quartet arrangements so you can have your modern tune in an elegant rendition. I love everything that Vitamin String Quartet does. It's perfect for a church processional and recessional."

Always ask to be sure.

Before you get your heart set on a few songs, check with the parish music leader or your pastor or priest to see what they allow. "Some religious institutions have restrictions on the songs you can play, so check with your church liaison before choosing your songs," Spear suggests. "They may have a required list you must work from."


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