For this project, you'll need a plain picture frame (without glass), 1/4-inch foam board, poster board, 1 1/4-inch-wide paper lace, the monogram of your choice, and, of course, enough silver and white dragees to fill your frame. You can use a frame of any size and color (ours measures 15 inches square and was painted white). Cut the foam board to the size of the frame's back opening. Cut the poster board so the width equals that of the picture-frame opening and the length equals the following: Divide the length of the frame opening by .75; then multiply that number by 1.25. Then measure the perimeter of the foam board, add 1 inch, and cut a strip of paper lace to this length.

1. Starting on the left side of the poster board, measure a 3/4 inch up from the bottom, and draw a hash mark; then measure 1/2 an inch higher, and draw another mark. Continue measuring and marking alternating widths all the way to the top. Repeat marking on the right side. Turn the poster board over, and repeat measuring and marking process; be sure hash marks are in the same places on both sides. Starting at the bottom, align the ruler between two corresponding hash marks, and score with a bone folder; repeat, scoring to the top. Turn poster board over; score other side. Fold the poster board like an accordion.

2. Enlarge the monogram on a photocopier to the desired size. Draw horizontal lines at 3/4-inch intervals across the letter, and cut it into strips, keeping them in order.

3. Turn frame facedown; place the foam board in frame. Place folded poster board on top. Tuck paper lace around poster board, and join ends; trim if necessary. Start placing strips of the letter against the wider folds. Re-form the letter, centering it within the frame and aligning strips. Cover white areas with white dragees and lettered areas with silver ones (the number of dragees will depend on the size of your monogram and frame). Once you've filled a row, carefully remove the paper. You may want to practice assembling the monogram before the wedding day since it cannot be moved: Take a photo, count number and color of dragees in each row, and set it up at the reception.

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