Cookie Wedding Favors That Will Help End Your Night on a Sweet Note

wrapped up presents cookies wedding favors
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Send guests home with a delicious treat.

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holly accented cookie wedding favors
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Although selecting your wedding favors is one of the smaller parts of the planning process, it's arguably one of the most fun. With plenty of amazing options, getting creative—and choosing a present that speaks to your and your future spouse's personalities—is simple. Just as easy? Using your favors to bring in a little late-night flavor. While many couples opt to send guests home with inedible trinkets, a treat at the end of the night is sure to be something everyone is grateful for.

Do you and your fiancé prefer sweet over salty? Then cookie wedding favors are the way to go. After all, who doesn't love a gooey chocolate chip or soft sugar cookie? After hours of dancing and celebrating, end the evening on a sweet note (literally!) by gifting guests one of your go-to treats. Plus, single cookies (which can be wrapped in cute boxes or bags) are much easier to distribute to guests than other tasty treats, like ice cream or pie (which are better suited for a dessert bar during the reception). That's why Valley and Co. creatively packaged these iced confections in cellophane and tied them with berries—each favor was simple to give out as guests departed.

As with any favor, you'll need to decide on the best way to get these cookies into your guests' hands. One seamless option is to place them at your attendees' seats before the reception. Alternatively, many couples opt for favor displays, where guests can select a treat at their leisure later in the evening. Not sure which method is best for your event? Ultimately, you and your future spouse need to consider the flow of your reception, your meal style (if you're not having a seated reception then the first option won't work), and your overall preference when deciding which route to take.

Are you sold on the idea of offering cookie wedding favors but can't decide what form they should take? Let the creative ideas ahead inspire you. From desserts inspired by couples' first dates or inside jokes to ornately-decorated confections from a couple's favorite bakery, these treats are sure to give you some ideas for your own cookie favor plans.

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From the Venue

wrapped up presents cookies wedding favors
Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu Photography

Is your venue known for a certain dessert recipe? Serve it up at your party—but make the treats your own. So that guests could take a piece of the day with them, this couple, with the help of Cheers Darling Events, enlisted Salamander Resort to whip up their signature treats. As a finishing touch they packaged the favors in custom wrapping from Emily Baird that matched the rest of the wedding's stationery design.

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blue tile inspired cookies wedding favors
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Sugar cookies can be more intricately decorated than those studded with chocolate chips or raisin, making them an ideal canvas for personalization. Inspired by the locale at this Splendida Weddings event, these Sofia Cakes and Cookies treats closely resembled blue-and-white Portuguese tiles.

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Custom Monogram

jermaine scott wedding dc cookies
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One simple way to create a cohesive wedding design is to thread a consistent motif, pattern, or monogram throughout the day. This couple did just that with their Buttercream Bakeshop cookie favors. Inspired by the architecture of the venue, the treats' subtle pattern was mirrored on the invitations' envelope liners; the monogram made an appearance on the wedding cake.

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Dog Treats

dog cookie wedding favors
Jose Villa

If a monogram isn't quite your style, a motif or icon of something meaningful to you (like your adorable pup!) is a great cookie decoration alternative. With Amy Kaneko's help, this couple commissioned a custom Julie Song watercolor illustration of their dog; the artwork graced their cocktail napkins and Sweet Dani B sugar cookie favors (which kept the puppy-theme going even after the party ended).

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Gold-Foil Packaging

macaroon wedding favors in gold and white boxes
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To further brand your wedding, ask the stationer designing your day-of paper goods to help with cookie packaging, too. As guests departed this wedding, they received a sheath of Jenna Rae Cakes macarons (so they could eat some immediately and save some for later!) with ornate gold foil printing.

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Mini Present

mini present cookies wedding favors
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Looking to really surprise and delight your guests? Consider wrapping your cookies up with a bow so they're a fun little package for guests to unwrap as they take their seats. Sinclair & Moore did just that with these macaron favors.

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Press for Champagne

shannon jon wedding champagne cookies
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While milk and cookies are a classic combination, a split of rosé will never go unopened. When paired with cookies that read "Press for Champagne," you're guaranteed to impress your guests.

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Cookie Save-the-Date

save the date with couple portrait
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Who says you have to wait until the end of the wedding reception to give guests cookie favors? This couple got the party started early by including Arizona-inspired treats in their Kara Anne Paper save-the-date to get guests excited for their desert destination wedding.

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Amaretti Cookies

cassandra jason wedding amaretti cookies
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Your wedding favors are a great place to pay homage to your heritage, especially when it's a baked good. As a nod to this bride's Italian background, Amaretti cookies were available for guests to grab on their way out of the wedding reception.

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Family Heritage

german cookie
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To honor the bride's roots, this couple wove German elements throughout their event. Inspired by lebkuchen, traditional German treats, these iced cookies—emblazoned with guests' names—were set atop each place setting in lieu of classic paper place cards.

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Fortune Cookies

abby marcus wedding favors fortune cookies 16
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Guests will be sending their well wishes your way all day, so return the favor (pun intended!) by crafting fortune cookies that offer sweet sentiments to your loved ones.

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Contemporary Cookies

Raymond Hom

Cookies may be a timeless treat, but contemporary couples can still give them an edgy, modern update. Inspired by jewels, these geometric desserts featured a slew of icing colors to mirror the facets of a gemstone.

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Expression of Gratitude

stephanie philip wedding cookies
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Beyond gifting guests a cute keepsake (who doesn't love a little present?), favors are a chance for couples to express their gratitude to friends and family. Brief thank-you notes reading "Thank you for sharing in our day! Xoxo, Steph and Phil" were tied to these scalloped cookies as a thoughtful parting sentiment to conclude the day.

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Delbarr Moradi

Cookies don't have to be round. As a matter of fact, we love the idea of getting creative with your favors and using them to nod to a significant component of your relationship. Whether you're hosting a destination wedding in California (as this couple was) or you met in the Sunshine State, having your baker use a state-shaped cookie cutter will make the treats feel ultra-personal.

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The More, The Merrier

tommy steve wedding favors
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One cookie is great, but a collection of two or three is even better! Tucked into a monogram-tagged box, these macarons were a hit with this duo's attendees.

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Favor Bar

Landon Jacob

If you and your partner can't agree on cookie favors, don't compromise—offer multiple options instead! A favor bar, featuring a display of various treats and custom bags for guests to fill, is a fun way to make your favor an interactive experience for guests—and satisfy both of your preferences.

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French Macarons

macaroon boxes wedding favors
Bia Sampaio

The moment guests saw these ornate boxes, they knew they were in for a treat. Renowned French macaron brand Ladurée is the epitome of patisserie perfection—and this couple ensured the wedding ended on a high note by serving the bakery's treats to their guests.

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Contemporary Bohemian

bohemian hexagonal cookie wedding favors
Brogen Jessup

Everything about this Laurel Street Events place setting embodied a bohemian-meets-modern aesthetic; the hexagonal Milly's Fine Cakes cookie favors only added to that vibe. Calligraphed agate place cards from Lavender and Sea welcomed guests to their seats and the sugar cookie favor gave them something sweet to enjoy as the reception unfolded.

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cactus cookies wedding favors
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Send guests home with a cookie that will help them remember your destination wedding venue. This couple gifted their guests Růže Cake House cacti sugar cookies as a nod to Arizona's desert scenery.

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Cookie Duo

duo of cookies wedding favors
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Of course, you don't have to be hosting a destination wedding in order to offer venue-inspired cookies. A duo of Sugar Studio cookies allowed this couple, with help from Kelley Cannon Events, to come up with a favor that felt customized and relevant to their hometown wedding. A monogrammed cookie decorated like the U.S. Capitol building was perfect for a wedding in Washington, D.C.

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Tied with a Bow

boxed cookies wedding favors
O'Malley Photographers

As guests transitioned to the seated reception at this Sinclair & Moore wedding, they were in for more than one treat. Macaron favors are a nice touch—but, as these goodies prove, presenting them in ribbon-wrapped boxes makes the sweets feel twice as special.

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macarons in pink box cookies wedding favors
The Grovers

The type of cookie you select for your favors can reinforce the overall feel of your wedding, as these decadent Bottega Louie macarons did. Not only did the place setting's scalloped chargers and linen hemstitch napkins speak to the luxurious, elegant vibe of this Details, Details wedding—the careful choice of favors exuded on-theme luxury as well.

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Calligraphy Accents

calligraphy accented cookie wedding favors
Kina Wicks

Your guests are going to enjoy a delicious late-night cookie no matter what, but cheerful packaging never hurts. These treats were nestled in waxed paper bags calligraphed with sweet parting sentiments to thank guests.

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