Skipping the warm-weather vacation plans? Here's what you should know.
lauren and christian kissing on ski lift

Jetting off on your honeymoon this winter? You must be excited-and eager to experience all of the wonderful things you and your spouse have planned for your just-married selves. One perk of honeymooning during the winter is that it tends to be a less popular time to travel since more couples get married in the spring and summer months. "I think a lot of it has to do with perceived time off-it is easier to take time off in the summer and the weather is better," says honeymoon planner Stephanie Goldberg Glazer. This means you get to experience shorter lines, less crowded streets, and more serenity-just what the doctor ordered after the wonderful, but overwhelming, ordeal of getting hitched. Before you fully book your trip and jet off, keep these tips for honeymooning during the winter in mind.

Stake out your destination of choice early.

"Planning a winter honeymoon is a whole lot like scheduling a getaway any other time of year," says Teresa Belcher, travel agent and founder of Honeymoon Islands, Inc. Deciding where to go requires some careful consideration. If you want the tropics in January, consider places around the equator or the southern hemisphere where you'll definitely experience warm weather. But if you're leaving the country, make sure to pay attention to the travel requirements, both inbound and outbound. In general, your passport must be valid six months beyond your return date, so check the expiration dates on your documents as soon as possible.

Consider your choice of weather.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to go somewhere cold-or even somewhere hot for that matter. "Winter honeymoons offer a whole world of options when it comes to weather," says Belcher. "If you love the idea of skiing the slopes by day and snuggling up by a warm fire in the evenings, winter is the perfect time of year for many American and European destinations." And if you picture yourself posted up on a beach somewhere warm, there are plenty of locales that can provide you with just that kind of experience.

Protect yourself from illness.

If you're going somewhere cold, Belcher recommends coming prepared with lots of breathable, thermal layers as well as sunscreen, a hat, and good UV-protecting sunglasses. "Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing can be full-on aerobic activities, so remember to rest and recoup-and drink tons of water so you don't get sick," she says. "Bring any medications you might need with you, too, since winter activity holidays can take you into fairly remote spots."

Consider working with a honeymoon planner.

No matter when and where you want to go on your honeymoon, Belcher always recommends working with a travel advisor directly. "Winter weddings are stunning, but the honeymoons can often be even more spectacular if you start early and plan things right," she says. "An expert in this field can help you pick the perfect location for wintertime romance."


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