Your big day isn't the time to try your (heavy) hand at contouring.
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You've heard the same piece of advice from the pros and brides past over and over, "Look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day," and there's a reason: The day you say "I do" is not the day to try a hair or makeup look that, well, doesn't look like you-or won't translate in photos. Here, we're spotlighting a few hair and makeup looks that are better left for any day but your wedding day.

Crazy Color

Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie look cool with lavender hair, but unless you're already rocking a colorful hair hue, your big day probably isn't the best time to test drive pastel locks. "You should never be able to tell what year or what the trend is by your hair color on your wedding day," says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, owner of Rita Hazan Salon in NYC. Instead, opt for a more timeless shade, and then reach for the hair-dye bottle after you say "I do."

Smoky Eyes

A dark dramatic eye shadow is perfect for your bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner, but wearing it down the aisle can come off too heavy in photos. "You want the statement to be less about the makeup and more about the person," says makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty.

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Kardashian Kontour

Chiseled cheekbones à la Kardashian may look glam on Instagram, but once you take away that filter or a heavy flash, the only thing you'll see IRL is a whole lot of heavy, cakey makeup. Contouring is an art in and of itself and takes a skilled hand to do it subtly, says Kashuk. And "subtle" is key here, since piling on makeup will only look like more makeup.

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Intricate Updo

While the French twist was all over the Fall 2015 fashion runways, a stiff style can look totally constraining and date you in an instant. The other reason to ditch the tight updo: "If you always wear your hair down, wear your hair down on your wedding day," says Hazan. "Don't just do an updo because you think you need to do something fancy for your wedding; your pictures are best when you feel comfortable," she says.

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Over Glow

We love the magic of a highlighter, but this high-impact shine can end up making an impact at your wedding for all the wrong reasons. Shimmer reflects light and can look distracting in photos, especially if your wedding is indoors and captured by flash, says Kashuk. As a general rule Kashuk recommends testing your makeup in the lighting you'll be using to get a true read of what you'll look like.

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