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Throughout the wedding planning process, you'll likely have only a handful of in-person meetings with your wedding planner, especially if you live in different towns or you're having a destination wedding. As such, it can be a bit overwhelming to head into these meetings when you feel like you have so many questions and tasks still left undone. Here are four simple ways to keep your meetings on track and make the most of the time you have together.

Go in with a game plan.

Know what your wedding planner is hoping to accomplish during every meeting so you can both stick to the agenda. It's easy to skip ahead or get bogged down with small details, and you want to do your best to stay on topic so you can achieve the goals of each meeting.

Bring a notebook.

If you're going in for a design meeting, you want to cover all of the design details for your tablescape. You might find yourself somehow getting sidetracked talking through shuttles and logistics, which can take up a big chunk of time. Instead, if a question pops up while you're going through the design elements, jot it down. If it's something simple, you can bring it up at the end of the meeting or make a point to circle back about it in a phone call or email afterward.

Be organized.

Your wedding planner will likely lead each meeting's agenda, using a list of tasks or details they'd like to cover with you in person. However, it may help you feel more organized if you bring your own list of questions that are prioritized and focused. As well, you want to be sure to bring along any helpful swatches, samples, to-do lists, and organizing folios. If your wedding planner is managing payments on your behalf, be sure to also bring along your checkbook.

Address sticky topics.

There are some things that are just easier to talk about in person rather than over email. For instance, if your mom is struggling with not having enough to do or if one of your vendors is not as responsive as you'd hoped for, these are things you can chat through to get your planner's opinion about. Be sure to mention at the start of the meeting that there are a few things you'd like to address when time permits, perhaps at the start or end of the meeting.


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