Set a shipshape table with seaworthy vessels whose sails designate younger guests' seats. Great for a children's table, these whimsical place cards require little more than kraft paper and a simple folding technique. Outfit boats with Life Savers candies and cast them adrift on blue napkins.

Paper-Boat Place Card How-To

1. For one boat, cut out a 7 1/2-by-9 1/2-inch sheet of kraft paper.

2. Fold paper in half end to end.

3. Fold corners of folded edge down so edges meet at the center; crease.

4. Fold up the top layer of the remaining rectangle for a cuff.

5. Turn paper over. Fold up remaining layer for another cuff. Fold down the corners of both cuffs, following the angle of the triangle's sides.

6. Pull long sides out so the bottom corners come together to create a diamond shape; crease.

7. Fold up one bottom corner, making a triangle; crease.

8. Turn paper over. Fold up remaining corner; crease. Repeat step 6.

9. At the diamond's top, pull flaps out and away from center tip in a single smooth motion.

10. Pinch boat's bottom edges and pull out so it stands. Write name on white paper; cut into a pennant shape. Punch two holes in pennant with a small hole punch; slip a wooden skewer (cut to a 5-inch length) through holes. Hold boat on its side and punch a half circle in center tip; insert skewer. Decorate boat with white Life Savers candies strung onto striped twine.


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