The people behind the scenes will play a huge role in your wedding so treat them right.
Credit: Courtesy of Floret Flowers

It takes a village of vendors to make a wedding-the caterer, photographer, florist, baker, limo driver, stationer, and more each have a vital role to play. During the course of planning your big day, you'll be dealing with them a lot, so why not make the experience as pleasant as possible for all? Here's how to get off to a good start.

Be honest about your budget.

Whether you have a modest amount of money to spend or you've got access to the family fortune, give the real dollar amount to a prospective vendor at your first meeting. She'll be able to suggest a menu/photo package/invitation that fits your budget and won't be wasting her time thinking up more elaborate concepts than what you can afford.

Be on time for appointments.

Her time is as precious and valuable as yours, so be considerate and show up for your appointment a few minutes early, not 15 minutes late. Being tardy could throw off her schedule for the rest of the day. If an unforeseen situation happens that will cause you to be delayed, call the vendor immediately to let her know and to find out if she prefers you reschedule.


After your vendor listens to and really understands what your wedding vision is, take the time to listen to her suggestions. As a pro, she'll know many things you don't, so take the time to hear what she's saying. With a few tweaks to your plan, for example, she may be able to stretch your budget and provide a service or product that's even better than you'd imagined.

Trust her.

Give your vendor the freedom to be creative. You chose your florist, for example, because you liked her aesthetic, and she totally got your vision. Instead of expecting her to replicate your Pinterest board down to the last petal, allow her to create a floral design that evokes the same style and feeling but is original. You're paying for her expertise so let her use it!

Be polite, never demanding.

No matter how stressed you get as you plan the wedding, skip the temptation to act like a diva. Be friendly and patient when working with your pros. Think of each as part of your team-a team that works together and treats one another with dignity and respect. Expect no less from her.

Don't ask for the unattainable.

Vendors want to make you, their client, happy and satisfied, and many will go out of their way to achieve that. But there are limits. If you want peonies when they're out of season in your area and you balk at how pricey they'd be to ship from the far corners of the earth, don't take it out on the florist-she can't control nature. Let her come up with alternative in-season flowers that create the look you want and are in your budget.

Let them know if there's a problem.

Rather than post your grievance on Facebook, talk to your vendor about what's bothering you, so she has a chance to fix it. Calmly explain your concern then ask for a solution. A reputable pro will try their hardest to make things right.


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